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3 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Business

3 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Business

Reducing waste in your business premises will not only save money on waste hauling but also demonstrate your corporate social responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average amount of waste produced per person per day in the U.S. is 4.48 pounds. To reduce this figure, businesses must play their roles in waste reduction.

Getting the services of environmental cleaning companies in Utah can help in keeping your business premises clean and in proper waste disposal. However, encouraging your employees to recycle and reuse can significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Simple changes in the way you manage waste can lead to significant reductions in waste. The following tips will come in handy managing waste in your business:

Audit waste management strategies in your business

Every business needs a functional and efficient waste management strategy. Have a look at your facility to determine how waste is collected and disposed of. Note areas that produce the most waste and the existing methods used to manage it. Analyze the efficiency of the processes that have been put in place to determine if there is a better way to be implemented. Another area to focus on is the recycling rate and the frequency of waste collection. You can save money by reducing the frequency of waste pick-ups in your business.

Encourage employees to reuse and recycle

Replace disposable water bottles with reusable ones. Bottles make up a significant percentage of the total amount of waste collected from business premises. You can replace them with reusable glasses and bottles and encourage employees to drink tap water. If your company has been purchasing bottled water, you will not only be saving costs but also reducing the amount of waste produced. You can also reuse packaging and give food leftovers to pig farms.

Go paperless

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Technology has replaced most of the things that were done physically on business premises. Nowadays, the use of paper is becoming less necessary as technology offers better alternatives to paper. Make that bold move by deciding to go paperless. Many companies are trying out this strategy and saving significant costs in the process. A paperless transition will not only save you a waste collection and disposal costs but also help in keeping your business premises clean and organized.

While the methods mentioned above are essential, they aren’t the only thing that you can do to reduce waste in your business premises. Another cheap waste management strategy that you can implement is to reduce packaging. You can also donate electronics that you no longer use to those who need them. Above all, you should train employees in the benefits of reducing waste in the business and at home. Without employees in your waste management strategy, you will have a minimal chance of succeeding.

Getting a successful waste management strategy in business requires input from all parties involved. Some of the processes will be easy to implement, while others might take time. Remember that when it comes to waste management and keeping the environment safe, every little step will count.

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