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5 Inexpensive Kids’ Birthday Celebration Ideas

5 Inexpensive Kids’ Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthdays are a celebration of another lease of life from God and a simple thanksgiving for all the blessings that we received for the past year. That is why we always strive to celebrate birthdays the best way that we can.

Kids’ birthdays, for example, usually require some fun activities with their friends and school buddies. These activities need not be expensive as even the simplest things can make most kids happy. So, here are five awesome kids’ birthday celebration ideas that won’t break your budget:

Rent a bounce house

A bounce house is simply an inflatable piece of play equipment that can be transported to a venue and be set up quickly. The good news is that there are providers of bounce house rental services in Utah that you can tap for your kids’ birthday party. Bounce houses are particularly a hit among toddlers and young kids, so having one in your kids’ birthday bash will surely be enough to bring sheer joy as they play around.

Visit a dollar store

A dollar store is a great place to visit with your kids to find some really cheap, yet great items. You can have some art supplies, water guns, or anything that you know will let you and your kids have fun playing with. You can buy a few pieces of a particular item equal to the number of your kids’ playmates that you have invited over so you can have a simple, yet extremely fun time celebrating your little ones’ natal day.

Do a scavenger/treasure hunt

A scavenger or treasure hunt is another fun way to celebrate kids’ birthdays without spending a big amount of money or doing complicated preparations. You can buy a few simple treats or prizes and hide them around your yard and home for the kids to find. You can leave a few simple clues as to the location of each item to add up to the excitement factor and work out your kids’ and their playmates’ brains as they try to find the items that you’ve hidden.

Take the family to a camping trip

If you want a more intimate time with your kids, taking the family to a camping trip would be an excellent idea. If you have a car, taking a few simple camping essentials would be a breeze. You can also consider hiring a camping van that has a kitchen and a toilet if you intend to spend a day or two in the woods or some designated camper facilities. It would surely be a birthday trip that your kids will enjoy and remember for a very long time.

Have a backyard picnic

Who says you can’t have a birthday picnic without going out of your property? Well, you sure can. A backyard picnic is yet another excellent budget-friendly trick to celebrate your kids’ birthday. You can set up a fireplace, have some barbecues and burgers, and be ready to tell your kids interesting stories or even watch a movie outdoors. It’s all up to you to make your backyard picnic as interesting for your kids as possible.

With these great and inexpensive hacks to holding your kids’ birthdays, you can give them a fun time with their friends and the rest of your family, all of these without spending a lot of money. After all, it’s the thought and the experience that will matter the most for your little ones.

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