prevent mosquitos in your home

5 Ways to Prevent Growth of Mosquitoes in Your Home

5 Ways to Prevent Growth of Mosquitoes in Your Home

No one wants a home with a lot of mosquitoes. Not only do mosquitoes carry a lot of diseases, but they can also be such an irritating presence. If mosquitoes are a problem in your house now, do not worry! The following are things that will help you eliminate the mosquitoes in the property:

Clean up your rain gutter

Only a small number of homeowners realize that unkempt gutters can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. To avoid the mosquitoes from making the gutters their home, you should keep the gutters clean as much as possible. You should also check that there is no risk of it getting clogged.

If you do not have the time to do the cleaning of your gutters yourself, you may want to contact a rain gutter cleanout service provider in Salt Lake City to do it for you.

Say goodbye to clutter

Mosquitoes usually thrive in areas that do not get as much attention when people clean their homes, especially places that are filled with clutter. You may have difficulty letting go of some things in your home, but you have to understand that you are opening a chance for mosquitoes to breed.

You need to throw out the things that you no longer need to avoid mosquitoes and other pests from multiplying. This also leaves less space for mosquitoes to hide in.

Put some plants and flowers in your yard

Mosquitoes generally breed in places that have a lot of still water but what makes them stay is the sight of overgrown grasses, plants and even weeds. Keep mosquitoes out of your home by ensuring that your yard or garden is clean and organized.

You should also put some plants and flowers that repel mosquitoes like peppermint, chrysanthemums, and lavenders. It may not totally eliminate the mosquitoes, but it will reduce the risks of them breeding there.

Get pest control service

call pest control

If you think your mosquito problem is truly beyond your control, you should consider making a call to the nearest pest control service provider. After all, these pest control companies are most likely experienced in minimizing the growth of mosquitoes in many homes in your area.

At least, with these services, you can also target other pests that may be bothering your home. Just make sure that the pest control service you get actually knows what they are doing.

Try to cover anything else that contains still water

Mosquitoes normally lay their eggs in still water, including fountains, ponds and even water bottles. Homeowners need to make sure that all sources of still water are covered so that the mosquitoes will not be able to lay eggs.

Remember that mosquitoes only need 10-14 days to develop from egg to an adult, so you need to be watchful about the stagnant water sources. If you see mosquito larvae swimming in the water, throw the water right away.

Having your rain gutters cleaned and covering anything that has still water are only two of the mosquito-repelling tips that you can follow. Later on, you will find that the mosquitoes are no longer a problem for you.

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