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8 Tips for Creating an Attractive Dental Clinic

8 Tips for Creating an Attractive Dental Clinic

The dental industry can be a highly competitive field, especially in highly-populated areas with lots of potential patients. If your dental practice is located anywhere in Brisbane, or perhaps in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and other Australian cities, you’re surely aware that there are many dental clinics wanting to have the bigger piece of the pie. But of course, not everyone can attract as many clients as they would like.

So, you may ask: what’s the secret?

Well, one answer would be just how attractive a dental clinic’s reception area appears to potential patients. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. For one, there are companies that offer office fitout services in Brisbane specifically for dental practices. These companies handle everything from the design and fitouts to maintenance to ensure that a dental practice stays ahead of the competition at least in terms of how pleasant it appears to every patient who walks into it.

Aside from having the right fitouts, what are the other ways you can make your reception area as attractive as possible to clients? Here are eight simple tips that you should consider:

Use soothing colors

Always go for colors that are easy on the eye, such as green and blue and the good old white and cream. Ideally, your choice of colors should jibe well with your company logo for a seamless appeal. At most, have only three colors for your reception area so as not to overwhelm the patient’s eyes.

Ensure proper and adequate lighting

Nobody would feel at ease in a space that lacks adequate lighting. This would involve using both artificial light (go for LEDs whenever possible) and natural light to illuminate the reception area.

Use soft materials

Soft materials like carpets help create a relaxing atmosphere, which is essential in dampening patient anxiety.

Consider playing relaxing music

Relaxing music may be played in the reception area as long as it won’t interfere with the natural conversation between patients and staff. As much as possible, go for instrumental music as it evokes a meditative and soothing vibe that patients will surely love.

Have some reading materials on hand

Many patients love to read while waiting for their turn, so be sure to have some informative reading materials within their reach. This would include newspapers, pamphlets, magazines, and even books.

Think green

office interior

Adding some indoor plants should also do the trick of making your reception as attractive and welcoming as possible. There are companies that specialise in providing indoor plants to offices and dental practice so this should be an easy task.

Add a water feature

Another great way of making a reception area attractive is to install a small water feature such as a pondless mini waterfall. Flowing water has been proven to provide a therapeutic effect, so this should be a great idea to consider.

Provide free Wi-Fi and charging station

Many patients lead busy lives that they mostly squeeze in dentist appointments with the little free time that they have. That said, it would be a great idea to offer complimentary Wi-Fi access and charging station so your patients can do some off-site work while waiting for their turn.

Your practice has great potential to succeed. Just employ these tips and your reception area should be a total magnet for your clients, whether first-time or loyal ones.

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