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Square One: Back to Basics with Self-care

Square One: Back to Basics with Self-care

We are continuously dealing with the effects of the global pandemic up to today. This health crisis has resulted in the global population stressing out daily and being over the edge about everything that is happening around the world. The uncertainty of tomorrow keeps everyone restless and anxious during this time.

In dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of our physical and mental health is of great value. Self-care is of utmost importance during a pandemic because this will allow our systems to be more flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing landscape. Being adaptable amid a pandemic is crucial in facing the various challenges that come our way.

It is important to go back to the basics of self-care and the measures you can easily take, especially from home. Doing so could help ease potential symptoms of cabin fever, such as fear and restlessness. Although for those with more serious mental health concerns, professional DBT could help prevent these symptoms from getting worse.

What Is Self-care?

Although feeling sad and lonely are normal feelings, these emotions could have gotten more intense during the course of the global health crisis. Many of us may have been feeling isolated because of the quarantine period, which could be detrimental to our mental health.

Many of us have been feeling stressed recently with current events and how the end of the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain. Due to this, the importance of self-care has been a hot topic during the past year as we try to survive the side effects of being quarantined for a long period. On top of this is the fact that we are prohibited from seeing our friends and family in person to prevent the spread of the virus.

Taking care of yourself is crucial during these challenging times because it will allow you to get through this pandemic. Being in good shape both physically and mentally will also allow you to better take care of your family at home so that you can keep each other happy despite the current situation.

Self-care Methods

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Self-care can come in various forms, and it could differ depending on the individual. Find the appropriate self-care method for you and help your family do the same.

Learn some self-care methods that you can practice at home with your family.

Exercise is a common self-care tip that could protect you from diseases and keep you energetic. Whether you decide to opt for a home gym or to dance around with your family in the living room, it is important to include a few minutes of physical exercise into your daily routine.

Learn to prioritize sleep no matter how engaging your favorite series is. Sleep allows your body to repair itself, and it is crucial during this time of great stress.

Try to connect with friends and family through calls and messages. Remain social despite the quarantine guidelines. This will allow you to feel less isolated during this time.

These are general self-care methods that you can try at home. There are several more ways you can practice self-care. You need to explore what works for you and your family.

Remote Work and Mental Health

While many employees currently work from home due to the quarantine guidelines, it should be noted that self-care should be a priority even with a remote work setup. Working from home may have seemed like a big treat for many of us at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the minimized time for public transportation, but remote work can still lead to burnout if employees don’t take time to take care of themselves.

Here are some tips on how to practice self-care while working from home.

Although it has been quite some time since the start of the remote work era, it is not too late to start creating boundaries to protect yourself from burning out. Creating boundaries between work life and home life is vital in allowing yourself to breathe in between work hours. Working from home can easily consume you and turn your home into an office. Avoid this by following a strict work schedule so that you can set aside enough time for family and yourself as well.

Set up an ergonomic work area. Make your workspace efficient and safe for your body. Try a standing desk to prevent you from being too sedentary during work hours. Adapt your desk according to your workflow so that you can get more work done in less time.

It is also important to mind your daily diet. You might find it tempting to grab bags of junk food from your pantry because it could be the easiest thing to eat while working, but having junk food is bad for your system. It could make you feel sluggish while working, affecting your brain function and leaving you less productive during work hours. Keep a healthy pantry by purchasing more healthy snacks like fruits and nuts.

Working from home can become a source of burnout for many of us if we ignore our daily habits. Adopt a healthier work lifestyle to make work hours more productive and efficient, providing you more energy for family time afterward.

During this pandemic, set aside time for yourself. Doing so will allow you to be at your best every day despite the current circumstances.

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