Beauty In Terms of Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement

Beauty In Terms of Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement

Many of us have grown up thinking that what is beautiful is good. In fact, the fairytales that we read as children only reiterated this. Princesses and princes were depicted to be beautiful and handsome, and that physical appearances are important.

The Evil Queen in Snow White disguised as a wicked old woman to trick the titular character and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast was turned into a monster because of his distasteful character. As we age, we move on from the ideals set by fairytales.

Instead, we focus on real life as well as the ideals that are shared on social media.

Beauty and Body Positivity Online

For the longest time, this focus on physical attractiveness has led to negativity surrounding face and body types that don’t fit into the standards set by society. Numerous studies have shown that this often resulted in lowering self-esteem, and in some extreme cases, mental illness and eating disorders.

This is a result of the pressure to fit into certain molds. Hence, many of us have made comparisons between ourselves and others countless times. While this is still a problem to this day, it is fortunate that there has been a shift in the tides in recent years.

If one were to explore any social media sites, it wouldn’t be surprising to see users and campaigns spreading positivity. This is done, in part, to lessen the harmful effects of social media on its users.

Before, those who didn’t fit into the standards were ridiculed.

Nowadays, more and more people are encouraging others to celebrate the differences that we have in regards to face and body types. Moreover, we are also taught to celebrate our imperfections. Of course, this doesn’t always work. While encouragement is a powerful motivator, so is jealousy.

It cannot be helped that there are times wherein we compare ourselves to others whom we find attractive. However, we can make out something positive in this otherwise negative thinking.


Turning the Negative Into the Positive

The jealousy we feel about others can be used to our advantage. We can make it into a powerful motivator. If we find ourselves unsatisfied by how we look, then we can put greater stock into caring for ourselves.

Some of us do this by adapting the regimen of those we idolize into our own routines. This can be done in terms of beauty practices. It isn’t all that uncommon to spend money to improve one’s physical attributes.

In fact, it has been reported that men and women alike spend around 200-300 dollars a month on improving their appearances. We find that it is easier to modify one’s lifestyle in recent times. Salt Lake City residents have a wide array of options to do so.

If you wish to focus on your skincare routine because the person whom you idolize does so, then feel free to apply for derma sessions and purchase beauty products. If you wish to take it one step further and undergo some procedures like the temporary Brazilian wax here in Salt Lake City or the more permanent laser hair removal, you can go right ahead.

What’s important when doing all of these, adapting and changing our routines, is that we take great joy in improving ourselves. There is truly nothing wrong with wanting to look better. If we can afford it without sacrificing finances that should be allotted for basic needs, and if it helps boost the confidence that we have in ourselves, then we should continue pushing through with it.

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