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Boost Your Office Building’s Curb Appeal With These Tip

Boost Your Office Building’s Curb Appeal With These Tip

Your office building needs to be less boring. Having an office that looks like a shoebox to those passing by may affect your company’s image. That is why you’ll want to put some effort into improving the curb appeal of your office. Though you’re not literally selling it, you are “selling” it to your employees and your customers. With a more attractive exterior, you can expect your people to come to work with a smile while applicants will be less nervous.

Here are some things you can do to improve it:

Do Some Landscaping

Commercial landscaping services in Leesburg and other urban areas can do a lot of good things with limited space. If your office has a lawn or vacant space in front of it, then landscaping can turn it into something impressive. Don’t just settle for green grass and some shrubs, though. Ask for something colorful and relaxing. You might also request the landscapers for a bench so that when your workers are on break, they can have a bit of time out in the green.

Besides installing all of these improvements, landscapers can ensure that they are properly maintained. Regular visits will keep your greenery alive and well for months. Large garden areas will require regular maintenance to retain their visual appeal.

Have a Sign

You’re a company and you want to show that fact to the world. This is where having a sign outside would help. It indicates that your office is located in the building and can provide visitors a handy landmark to get them to where they’re going. The sign should be big enough and easy to read. Place it somewhere prominent so that everyone knows you’re here.

Shine a Light on Things

When your office building operates 24/7, which is a lot more often nowadays, having appropriate lighting is a big plus. It doesn’t just ensure that your employees are safe when they come in at night but also gets the attention of passersby. The bright light feels very welcoming, too, especially when it is in the middle of the night.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

An office building is boring when it is in its base color and if it is getting old. You’ll want to ensure that your office building looks good and new. This is what a fresh coat of paint can do. Even white paint can make the building feel like it was constructed yesterday. You might even get creative and paint something more creative or artistic on the side of your building to show your company’s human side.

A Better Front Desk

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The entrance to your building can do with a makeover. Don’t just settle for an unfriendly foyer. Build a welcoming entrance that will greet your employees every day. If it looks dingy and old, your people will feel discouraged every time they clock in.

When your office building looks less like a gray box, then your employees will feel less motivated. With their better behavior and outlook, you’ll find that improving company morale is worth the investment.

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