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Direct Mail: Effectively Reaching Prospects

Direct Mail: Effectively Reaching Prospects

Nowadays, digital marketing strategies are the rage in every industry. They entail highly effective tactics in increasing sales growth and improving visibility and brand exposure. While that’s all well and good, the traditional means of marketing can also still provide plenty of benefits that could boost business profitability.

One particular example is direct mail. Although this method may seem outdated, statistics prove otherwise. Below, we’ll discuss why direct mail is still a timely promotional method and how you can efficiently employ it.

What is Direct Mail

Direct mail is an old-fashioned way of reaching your customers and prospects. However, it allows you to connect with them on a more personal level than digital platforms like e-mail and social media.

Its reliability is also backed up by research. In fact, according to entrepreneur and writer Neil Patel, in 2016, it was reported by The Data & Marketing Association that the customer response rate for direct mail experienced a 43% increase. In fact, the prospect response rate also heightened by a shocking 190% as compared to the previous year. Direct mail also has a high median return of investment rate of 29%, and it’s only behind social media by a measly 1%.

Guide for Direct Mail Marketing

If you are utilizing this marketing method for the first time, it will be best to receive professional assistance. Below are some individuals and companies whose services are highly important in ensuring that your direct mail campaign will be successful.

  • Freelance Technical Writer

Of course, the content of your printed literature must be well written and has a vocabulary usage that suits your defined audience. Technical writers are professionals who produce materials and literature such as catalogs, brochures, and manuals.

However, you don’t have to hire one just to benefit from technical writing expertise. Nowadays, you can find many self-employed freelance technical writers who create content based on client requests. Check out sites wherein writers advertise their services. By only paying for the output, you’ll be saved from the soaring costs of a technical writer’s monthly salary.

  • Direct Mail Data Processing

using phone and laptop

How exactly do you determine who to send your promotional materials to? Well, sending them to a lot of people without having data that they are part of your target market is a total waste of postage expenses. To boost the efficiency of your campaign, seek the assistance of a direct mail data processing company.

A data processing team typically offers services like the standardizing and presorting of data files to ensure compliance with postal requirements, and performing National Change of Address (NCOA) updates on the files, as well as modern merge/purge functions. The team also conducts essential file conversions, the setting up of customer response forms, and USPS documentation.

  • Print and Mailing Services

You don’t have to handle the actual labor of printing, addressing, and delivering the parcels of mail to the post office. By availing the services of a print and mailing company, all the hassle will be taken care of.

All you have to do is visit the website or web store of the company, complete an order form, send your design or the soft copies of your literature, and submit the mailing list acquired from data processing. Their services commonly include printing and tabbing of the promotional materials, processing of the mailing list, addressing of each mail, and delivering the parcels to the post office.

Before anything else, conduct initial research to decide on the right company to work with. Explore different companies and acquire a free quote from each so you can make pricing comparisons.

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