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Embracing a Cowgirl’s Life

Embracing a Cowgirl’s Life

The wild, wild west is an exciting place to experience life with horses, cattle, and a day with cowboys and cowgirls gracing the streets and greeting everyone with a cheerful “Howdy!” instead of a simple “Hi.” All of their activities seem exciting yet dangerous, a notable occurrence that makes people say that cowboys and cowgirls are indeed brave and daring. Riding a rodeo and going for a wild chase to the sunset is the everyday life for them.

Do you ever wonder how a regular woman can embrace life and imitate art by turning into a cowgirl for a day? Read our tips below if you want to try the exciting lifestyle of a cowgirl.

Dressing up for the part

One aspect that sets a cowgirl apart from the rest of the women around the world is their eccentric wardrobe. Look for inspiration online and make your personalized version of the cowgirl’s ensemble by putting a bandana, straw cowboy’s hats for girls, patched jeans, loose cowgirl shirt, and the prominent brown or black boots.

Working for your consumption

A cowgirl knows how to be independent, and she knows how to take care of her needs. She can plant her private vegetable garden, tend to it, and reap the rewards later on. She can raise chickens for meat and eggs, sew her own clothes and learn how to make a living on her own.

Friendliness and display of warm gesture

Notice how everyone in the wild, wild west treats everybody like a part of their family. Being indifferent towards other people is unacceptable. For them, a cheerful “howdy” makes a difference between having a friend or a foe.

Love and respect for animals

Having horses, dogs, and a herd of sheep as part of a cowgirl’s family is nothing new on the west side. A real cowgirl thinks of her horse as a friend. After all, her horse is her partner in crime, especially under the scorching sun.

cowgirl kissing her horse

Makeup is a no-no when living on the west side

Makeup products may not be well-received on the west side. Fashion is not given much attention to because there are other priorities for them to work on other than their faces. The best makeup a cowgirl could have is the dust present in her boots from running with her mighty steed.

Braids are the way to go

Cowgirls don’t put their hair in a high ponytail or a bun; pigtails and letting their hair down is preferred. This hairstyle works best with straw cowboy hats for girls.

Ditch Facebook and the Internet

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to make something productive for the day instead of drowning herself in social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Talking and interacting with friends face-to-face is a must for cowgirls of all ages.

The All-time Favorite Beef Steak and Barbecues

One thing that fulfills the tummies of cowgirls all over the wild, wild west is the oozing, saucy and delicious beef steaks and grilled steak barbecues. You can never find a platter of sushi, a café, or a candy bar in the area.

A cowgirl’s life is never short of excitement and fun. There are a lot of values that make a cowgirl stand out from the crowd, and it is embracing simplicity, boldness, and fierceness. If you want to embrace more than the clothing aspect of a cowgirl, you can always strive to be independent. Be able to stand up for yourself to improve the quality of your life. Being a cowgirl is not just dressing up for the part; it’s about celebrating womanhood in its most natural form.

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