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Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire Safety in the Workplace

A few things can completely devastate a business, and one of these is a fire. A big fire can destroy everything that a company has. It is even worse in some industries that work with fire hazards, like food industries and manufacturing. While there is insurance, it is often not enough to help a business bounce back. The best way to handle fires is to prevent them from happening at all. Here are some tips on fire prevention that will help your business greatly.

Send In Inspectors

The first thing to do to prevent fires is a fire safety inspection. This is often done by local fire departments to ensure that local businesses are following fire safety codes. This is often done annually, but you don’t have to wait that long. You can hire professional inspectors to assess your business to see what can be done to improve safety. For example, they may notice that your electrical wiring can be risky, so they will point it out. Passing an inspection will often get your business a certificate which can also be a big help for many businesses.

Clean Up Your Workplace

A major cause of fires is that your workplace is a mess. For example, leaving around a lot of loose garbage provides a perfect place for a fire to start. They provide fuel, especially if they are flammable. Besides that, a mess of a workplace can have hazardous materials lying all over the place. It is always a good idea to clean things up and organize everything. Proper attention should be paid to flammable chemicals since they can ignite easily and start the fire that you’ve been dreading.

Do Proper Maintenance

Depending on the industry you are working in, there are machines and equipment that can cause fires. Electrical fires are very common, and this can be caused by equipment overheating. It is always a good idea to give heavy equipment rest and check on them frequently to ensure that they are not at risk.

Another major industry where equipment can be a major fire hazard is the food industry. Stoves and ovens can explode if not properly maintained and cleaned. Hire kitchen-cleaning experts and ensure that they are in a good state to prevent such issues.

Drill Your Staff

Fires don’t start big and, if they can be caught early enough, your employees can help minimize the damage. This highlights the importance of fire safety training for employees. They should know exactly what to do if a fire starts so that they can make the proper response.

For example, this can mean training to use fire prevention equipment like fire extinguishers along with procedures like turning off the gas or electricity. Training should also be accompanied by drilling so that your people would know what to do beyond the theoretical.

Have Fire Extinguishers Ready

Fire prevention training also needs equipment to work. The most important one is having fire extinguishers nearby. However, not all extinguishers are made the same. There are several types available, and their effectiveness is based on the type of fire they will face. Buy fire extinguishers based on what type of fire can most likely happen in your workplace.

For example, for fires that are from flammable liquids, foam-type extinguishers are the best choice since they smother the fire. Work with fire safety inspectors to determine which type would be best for your business so that you can choose the right one. Additionally, ensure that the extinguishers are replaced every few years so that they are at their best.

Install Automatic Fire Safety Equipment

white smoke detector installed in a ceiling

For larger workplaces, it would be best to have automatic fire safety equipment installed in the right places. They come in two components. One part is the detection systems. These tell you if a fire is happening. Some of them can be simple smoke alarms, while others look for heat or flame.

They are paired with alarm systems that notify the workplace of the fire. The other component is the fire suppression system. The most common ones are sprinklers, but the chemical foam is also available for other types of fire. You’ll need to work with a contractor to install them.

Building a business back up after a fire is not an enjoyable experience. You should invest in fire prevention so that you have fewer things to worry about. The great thing about it is that fire prevention measures are very cost-effective. A minor expense now can save you millions in the long term.

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