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For Crafting Beginners: Tips for Choosing the Right Adhesive

For Crafting Beginners: Tips for Choosing the Right Adhesive

If you are just starting out with crafting or now have a crafty child who needs guidance on the use of adhesives, browsing through the list of available adhesives can be daunting. To get it right, you need to identify the purpose of the glue, its curing time and bonding efficiency, and the surface of application. Below are the types of adhesives and their most common applications.

All-Purpose Glue

You should always have this clear liquid glue that serves different purposes around your home. Used for general purposes, it adheres on different surfaces. It gives a clear dry and is appropriate for school projects.

It also dries fast, which makes it suitable for crafts, especially if you are using a pattern and need to see beneath the glue. It bonds firmly, and some varieties are waterproof after drying.

Hot Glue Gun

This is most appropriate for heavy-duty projects. The gun heats a glue stick until it melts, after which you use the gun to apply it. The glue solidifies when it cools and works best when you use a substantial amount. It offers a durable gluing option due to the resulting strong bond.

You can use it on wood, rubber, fabric, home decorations, plastic, wood and paper. Operating a glue gun requires expertise, as its users are susceptible to hot glue gun burns. Pay attention when working and concentrate on your work to avoid injuries.

Glue Stick

If your child loves crafting, this is the ideal adhesive for them. A glue stick is easy to use and allows you to reposition the sticking elements before it dries. It is appropriate for paper crafts since application only gets a thin layer on them that does not damage the paper. Use it for scrapbooking, making cards, arts and crafts.

Super Glue

Super glue has a durable setting and gives a permanent bond. It is appropriate for unusual materials and surfaces that are in contact. Super glue will work where other types of adhesives fail. You can also use it for household repairs.

Glue Dots

This adhesive applies jelly-like circles to give an instant bond. They are strong and easy to use, with a precise application that is free from mess. When making paper crafts and cards, you can use these to hold the papers and stick small plastic or wooden shapes together.

Double-Sided Tape

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Double-sided tape is another alternative for adhesive. It adheres to paper, foam, walls and a variety of other surfaces. It gives instant bonding results and is appropriate for children’s crafts, such as making floating shelves with cardboard boxes, decorating items with glitter and making cards.

Mod Podge

If you are into paper mache and using fabric decorations, this is the glue for you. It glues and seals your craft offering an exquisite finish. Its quick drying aspect allows you to use multiple coats on a variety of surfaces so that you can achieve desired results.

Trying to pick adhesive from a wide range of options could be frustrating. The process is much easier when you know what you want. Use the above pointers to choose one that is appropriate for your project.

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