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For Job Hunters: What to Look for in Your Next Company

For Job Hunters: What to Look for in Your Next Company

If you are unemployed – either you got tired of your recent job or have only graduated recently – there are several things that you need to look out for in your next company. For example, you have to know the benefits as well as the long-term sustainability of your prospective company. These things are critical to consider because most of the time, your first or second job will dictate your long-term career path. But before we move forward, let us try to analyze why many people leave their jobs.

Why Do Many People Leave Their Jobs?

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Everyone has their reasons for leaving their jobs, and some of them involve either personal or office-related issues. However, most of the time, leaving a job – particularly a stable one – is primarily caused by matters that are internal to the company. These concerns can range from the absence of benefits and compensation, a lack of career growth, or inefficient company management.

In a recent survey that was conducted in 2019, more than 50 percent of employees in the United Kingdom (UK) are considering leaving their current companies and finding a new job. From the 2,000 respondents of the survey, approximately 24 percent of the workers have begun hunting for jobs. Another 32 percent of the respondents have been looking for new company roles.

The Leading Reason Why People Leave Their Jobs

One of the leading reasons why many people want to resign and find another job is unhappiness or dissatisfaction at work. In connection with the survey, approximately 28 percent of the employee respondents indicated that they were unhappy with their salaries. The feeling of dissatisfaction is also fueled by the feeling of being undervalued by the company, and in the survey, this reason was cited by approximately 23 percent of the respondents. Lastly, the lack of a career progression in the corporate ladder enhances the feeling of unhappiness for at least 18 percent of the workers.

Apart from the issues, another leading cause is personal stress that stems from some workplaces that are neither inclusive nor worker-friendly. Many employees suffer episodes of insomnia and depression because of workplace-related stress.

“Massive Monday”

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Notably, as people realize the job-related issues that were mentioned above, they will try to find an exit and leave their companies as soon as they can. And these realizations mostly come up during the holiday season, and the long vacations trigger many employees to rethink their current jobs. As the so-called “massive Monday” comes, many of them have started with job hunting or were probably in their new posts already. Now, what do these people look out for their next company?

In the end, remember that apart from considering the employee rewards programs in job advertisements or blinding salary packages, you can know if your prospective company is the best through its office culture and how the managers or owners handle the company affairs. These two things are worth looking out for in your next job hunting adventure.

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