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Frequent Washing Makes Your Hands Dry? Hand Models Have Some Tips

Frequent Washing Makes Your Hands Dry? Hand Models Have Some Tips

Hand care is probably not included in your skincare routine, but the skin on your hands also needs some TLC. That’s especially true now that we’re all encouraged to sanitize and wash our hands frequently, which can help prevent COVID-19 infection but can also cause dry skin. So how to care for your hands?

Hand models across the globe have shared their skincare routine online. Their hands are their bread and butter, so it’s incredibly important to keep them soft, healthy, and glowing. Here are some of their tips.

Ditch the cuticle cutter

If not done properly, cutting your cuticles can make them even grow tougher and more jagged. Cutting also encourages the cuticle to grow back faster, leaving the skin underneath sore and exposed to infection. Use cuticle oil or cream instead. Then, gently push back the cuticles using a cuticle pusher. But do this occasionally, and it’s much better to go to a nail technician to ensure the process is done correctly.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Be sure to moisturize your hands before bed, after a bath, or after swimming. There’s also nothing wrong with moisturizing multiple times a day. In an interview with Business Insider, hand model RayMartell Moore admitted moisturizing his hands 30 times a day. He said he placed moisturizing bottles in almost every corner of his home, so he can moisturize his hands, whether he’s watching TV or lounging in the bedroom.

Make a DIY overnight hand mask

The night before their shoots, some hand models would slather their hands in lotions and cuticle oil, and then slip their hands into cotton overnight gloves. The DIY overnight hand mask helps their hands retain the moisture all night, so they wake up with soft hands. You can follow the same routine for your hands.

Consider what you eat

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Using hand moisturizers and body scrub products for dry skin can help keep your hands soft and youthful. But it’s also important to consider your diet. Drinking plenty of water every day and green smoothies several times a week can help keep your skin glowing, including that on your hands. Eating antioxidant-enriched food items like berries, tomatoes, broccoli, and salmon can also nourish the skin.

Always wear gloves when washing dishes

Dishwashers are often the most-used kitchen appliance in a hand model’s house. But if you need to hand-wash your dishes, especially huge pots and pans, always wear gloves. This way, you can protect your hands from cuts and bruises and from getting dry after washing dishes and using dish soap.

Look after hangnails

While it’s tempting to pull a hangnail (a hard piece of cuticle that grows next to the fingernail), avoid doing so. It’s best to trim it back as close to the nail as possible. Then, apply almond oil or any other cuticle conditioner on the trimmed hangnail. The results? It’s as though the hangnail never existed.

Many people say your hands are the clue to your age. Include hand care in your skincare routine, and you’ll likely achieve not only soft, youthful hands but also hands that are always ready for a photo shoot.

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