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Should You Have a Fleet of Company Cars?

Should You Have a Fleet of Company Cars?

When do you need to provide employees a company car? If you are in the auto dealership industry, you should obviously provide them with cars. If you are in the insurance industry, your employees will need to get around. The event management industry is another one that has to provide cars for their employees. If your employees have to go to different branches of the company and check on-site workers, you will need to provide them with company cars.

No one will want to work with a company that will require them to use their personal cars for corporate assignments. Even if you shoulder the fuel and maintenance expenses, very few will let their cars go through the wear and tear of everyday use because of their jobs. You’ll be lucky to find employees who will. If you do, they’ll probably demand so much in terms of the maintenance of their cars. So it’s really much better to have your own fleet of company cars.

Managing a Fleet

Many companies balk at the idea of having their own fleet of company cars because they are afraid of management duties. How do you manage a fleet? How do you keep up with its needs? These are valid concerns and questions, but this is also why technology is around to make things easier. A fleet management application will make things very easy for anyone who owns a fleet of vehicles.

The software will have in its system a list of the vehicles your company owns. All information will be there—from the scanned documents to maintenance schedules. It will also monitor who took out the cars and when, as well as their destination. It can keep track of the mileage of each car, identifying when it has to be taken to the car mechanic for routine check-ups.

So if managing the fleet is a hindrance to your decision to have one, remember that various technologies and mobile applications are present to make life easier for fleet owners. With a bit of time and energy, you can keep track of all the vehicles in your company. The benefits of having your own company cars to your brand are astounding that you shouldn’t even second-guess this move as long as you have the capacity for it

Reliability and Productivity

Your employees will have no excuse not to get to meetings and events on time when you provide them with company cars. This will help boost their reliability and productivity. With their own cars, they can do more. Instead of commuting to the next branch or client they have to meet, they can simply drive themselves there. Sure, looking for a parking space can be time-consuming at times, but they still have better control over their time than commuting. With public transportation, you never know when the train or bus will break down.

If you are using the cars or trucks to deliver goods, then it means you won’t rely on the schedule of third-party service providers. Having your own fleet means you are in complete control over when your customers will receive the products they bought. You can make assurances that you can keep.

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Brand Advertisement

With your brand’s decals plastered on the company vehicle, your employees will take the brand with them everywhere they go. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on mobile advertising. People from different places will be exposed to your brand. And as long as your employees understand the responsibility they have of “bringing” the brand with them everywhere they go, you will have no qualms about bringing your brand to the people.

Talent Pool

You’ll be attracting better talents when you provide company cars. This is another benefit you can list in the compensation package you offer your candidates. Remember that the more benefits you offer, the more likely it is that you will attract better talents to your company. When it comes down to it, your company’s ability to attract and retain employees with the right skills will be a telling point of how successful the organization can become in the future.

While monetary compensation is attractive, it has become increasingly obvious that workers also want conveniences such as the use of a company car, work-from-home options, and various group insurance policies. Offering them something as important as their own car—a way for them to be more mobile—is an attractive feature of the employment contract. Of course, this is to be offered only to employees who need mobility in their tasks.

If you have the capabilities to own and manage a fleet of company cars, do it. Not only are you going to have more control over your delivery options and satisfying your customers, but you can also use it to advertise and reinforce your brand. And while management is a challenge, the range of technology available now is an advantage.

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