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How Breaking Monotony Can Boost Your Health, Happiness, and Wealth

How Breaking Monotony Can Boost Your Health, Happiness, and Wealth

We have all been there. After we hear our alarm, we wake up, prepare for the day, do our chores, and go to work. We go home, eat, sleep, and repeat. If there are changes to our routine, it could be due to a situation beyond our control like traffic jams, family emergencies, getting sick, running to the store to buy groceries once a week, etc. Then, you suddenly realize you’ve been doing the same routine for a week now, or maybe a few weeks or months even.

Reality came crashing down, making you feel bad for failure to accomplish anything out of the ordinary. Your health is suffering, you barely have enough money in your bank, and you’re not happy with how things are. You are sick and tired of living a mundane life, but you can’t do anything about it, right?

In reality, it is you who is stopping yourself from being happy, healthy, and wealthy. While it is true that routine can help us stay on track, it can also take the life out of you. Stop being a slave to monotony.

Why Break Monotony

Breaking out of your same old routine can make you feel anxious but in a good way. You will feel excited to try out and experience new things. The thought of doing something you don’t often do can excite you, which in turn helps fight stress, improve your immunity, and even boost your happiness.

For instance, you found a new interesting find that makes your heart skip a beat just with the mere thought of doing it. It can be a free website that offers your dream online course for free, a new activity you can turn into a small business, or even a newly explored investment that can help you boost your wealth. All these three can instantly boost your mood, can help you achieve your career goals, and even increase your wealth.

Simple Habits You Can Do Today to Spice Up Your Life

You might be productive when you stay true to your routine. But it won’t hurt to break it every once in a while. There are good and fun ways to take a break from your mundane life, and the following are just a few examples of how you can do this.

Dress Up Differently

Chances are, you’ve been wearing the same outfit, hair, and makeup for work, when you run errands, and when you lounge inside your house. Why not change things up a bit? Wear something you’ve never worn to work, but stay true to your company’s dress code.

Wear a bit more eye makeup or opt for that natural makeup look. Wear your hair down, straighten it up a bit or go to your favorite salon for a brand-new haircut. You can always wear hair extensions if you are not satisfied with your new hair or if you want to try different hairstyles without ruining your real hair.

Invest Time on Things That Will Grow Your Money

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You might have been saving regularly in your bank, have enough rainy day funds to last at least six months, and started saving for a retirement fund. Why not invest your time in exploring investment options that can help you grow your wealth? You can spend your free time looking for the best investment type that will suit your situation and consider starting investing long-term.

One also has the option to study a product idea and see if there is a market for your offer in mind. While there is no certainty because there are risks when it comes to investments, you get the chance to grow your wealth and improve your future quality of life. Just imagine yourself being an entrepreneur or even an investor, and you might even like the idea and pursue this soon.

Change Your Commute

Do you always take the same route every single day? Then this is a great way to break the habit and make your commute a lot more fun. Take note that if you are not very good when it comes to directions, always make sure your phone is fully charged or your GPS is working well.

Instead of taking the same bus each day, you can consider walking on your way home from work. Enjoy the walk and absorb everything you see without letting your phone distract you. If you’re driving, take a different route, switch your playlist with the FM radio, or head over to your favorite restaurant and dine on your own. You might surprise yourself by actually enjoying your own company, learn something new about the neighborhood, or appreciate the different view.

As we grow older, life can feel a lot more mundane due to our responsibilities. But if you want to change for the better, you can start by taking tiny steps and make things a bit interesting. You can benefit from breaking monotony every once in a while, and it can even help you achieve better health, wealth, and happiness.

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