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Preserving Your Memories: How to Document and Immortalize Your Trips

Preserving Your Memories: How to Document and Immortalize Your Trips

Once the pandemic is contained and controlled, the travel industry is expected to soar. But even in early 2021, more people are interested in traveling. According to Travel Pulse, 57 percent of business travelers plan to travel during the first half of 2021.

While business travel may be permitted, leisure traveling is still discouraged. People are resorting to local travels just so they can get a vacation and put an end to their streak of staying at home.

The pandemic made people realize that the ability to travel is a privilege. And people should savor the experience and immortalize it.

And one way to preserve your memories during a trip is to document it.

Photo Album or Photo Books

Taking pictures is a natural part of traveling. If you like taking photos during your trip, consider making a photo album or a photo book. Looking back on your trip with physical photos will be much more exciting, as opposed to just scrolling through photos on your phone.

If you prefer a photo album, you simply need to print your photos and place them on the album. Meanwhile, a photo book is a magazine where your photos are printed on the pages. This will be more costly since you may need to have it custom-made.


You can also keep a diary during your trip. At the end of each day, write down your thoughts about your experiences. One benefit of keeping a diary is it’s so easy. The way you write entries is entirely up to you. You can write a bulleted list each day. This list is a great way to summarize your experience. Or you can write multiple paragraphs where you describe everything you did in detail.

Also, since you can write in your journal during the trip (as opposed to making a photo album after the trip), all the memories are still fresh. So you can easily describe and narrate everything you did during your trip.

Creative Journal

Keeping a creative journal for your trip is also a great way to document it. The difference between this and a diary is that the creative journal has more than text on it.

In a notebook spread, you will place some photos of your choice. You can also include other pieces of ephemera, such as receipts or bus tickets. Write some notes on the remaining space. If there’s space left and you don’t have anything else to write, you can put stickers and other decorative elements to complete the spread.


If you draw, you can also document your trip through drawings. When you travel, consider carrying a sketchbook and sketch the things you find amusing during your trip. Say you’re taking a break in a coffee shop. Make it more productive by sketching the scenery in front of you. Alternatively, you can take photos first and then sketch them when you get the time.

Using a sketchbook for travel documentation is uncommon. But it’s quite appealing since it will carry your own perception of your own experiences.


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As stated in the film The Social Network, the internet is written in ink. Thus, if you have a blog, consider writing about your trip and posting it online. The blog post will become permanent documentation that you can look back to whenever you want.

If you have graphic illustration skills, you can create visuals to add to your post. Include relevant photos as well. These elements will make your blog post more appealing not just to you but to your readers as well.


Lastly, you can create a travel vlog. It is probably the best way to document your trip since watching videos can help you relive your experience through both sight and sound.

Unless you want to vlog professionally, you don’t need fancy equipment. You can just use your own phone to take videos during your trip. Besides, holding out your phone will be much more convenient. And you get to travel light.

If you upload your travel vlog on YouTube, you can also help others. In 2014, two out of three U.S. consumers watched travel videos when they thought about going on a trip. This means that travel vlogs are valuable sources of information. They give viewers an idea of where to go and what to do when they travel.

Documenting your travels will benefit you in the long run. Whichever mode of memory-keeping you choose, you’ll be able to re-experience your trips. You’ll also be able to share these experiences with others.

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