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How to Make an Effective Business Sign

How to Make an Effective Business Sign

Some people think that crafting a sign for their business is a menial task. They rarely think of what to put in their signs or how to design those signs. These people think that as long as they have a sign advertising their business, it’s enough to attract people into their stores. But designing your sign is just as important as designing your store because that’s the first step to attracting your customers into your store. If your sign doesn’t work, then you’ve already failed in your first step to marketing your business.

If you want to make an effective sign to attract more customers, use a wide-format laminating machine to create your sign. As for the rest of the details, listed below are things that you should consider when you’re making your sign.

Keep it short

The first rule of making signs is that you keep your message as short as possible. By keeping the message on your sign short, it will be easier for people passing by to read it. The message should be short enough that even a person who’s walking quickly will be able to read it at a glance.

The message should be memorable

Aside from the message being short, you should also come up with a message that will be easily remembered. Think of what your business is all about, and try to put it into two to three words that you can put up on a sign. If your message is memorable, anyone who sees it will have your message stuck in their heads. When that happens, they’ll visit your store to see what it’s all about.

Choose the right font


When you’re writing a short story, a love letter, or an email, you rarely think about the kind of font that you will use. Sometimes, when the computer is already set to Times New Roman, you wouldn’t even try to change it because for you that detail doesn’t matter. But when you’re making a sign, choosing a font is important. You need to choose a font that would be legible even from a far distance. Sans-serif is a popular font for signs. It is easy to read, especially when your message is short.

Also, if you’re going to use more than one font, limit it to two. Using more than two fonts can already look messy for your sign. When a sign is messy, customers are less likely to check out the store.

Do not think that capital letters are the better choice because they’re much bigger and easier to read. Just because a sign is in upper case doesn’t mean that it’s more legible. In fact, people find it more difficult to read letters in upper case.

Making your sign shouldn’t be done on a whim. This is your first line of attack, so it should leave a good impression right away. Otherwise, you’ll lose so many potential customers every time you open your store for business. Think of your message, font, and the colors that you would like to use for your sign.

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