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Improve Your Home Security with Smart Technology

Improve Your Home Security with Smart Technology

Nowadays, there’s no such thing as being too safe. Nobody can accuse you of being paranoid because you want to live in a safer house, especially since there is news of break-ins and home invasions every 30 seconds on average. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe inside the comfort of your own home.

One of the best and more prevalent solutions to this home security scare is by upgrading their traditional home into a smart home. Some might say that only lazy people who have money to waste will want to have a smart home to make their lives easier, but that’s not accurate at all.

There could be some truth to that opinion because smart technology does make menial household tasks more convenient, but it’s not right to say that they are lazy. If anything, they’re smarter because they know how to take advantage of the technology available to them. The convenience of it all is just a bonus.

Aside from the ease of use and convenience, smart technology can make homeowners feel safer inside their homes because they won’t have to rely on their senses alone. With this innovation, homeowners could control what’s going on in their house through voice commands or a simple click on their remote.

Remember, you don’t have to rationalize why you want a safer house for other people. If doing this can ease your worries about being inside your house, then that’s all the reason you need to do it. Here are three smart products you can use to improve the security at home:

Front Door Intercom

How many times have you answered the door only to realize that you’ve been pranked or that someone got the wrong house? Getting up to answer the door may not seem like much, but doing it enough times can become annoying too. Plus, it takes time away from whatever you were doing beforehand.

Aside from the obvious inconvenience it brings, having to open your door to see who’s on the other side can make you more vulnerable to robberies and break-ins. This is because you can easily get overpowered by the robbers attempting to break in if they just pushed on your door hard enough.

But if you can install a video intercom that will allow you to see who’s at your doorstep and even ask them why they are there, you can eliminate the possibility of your house being broken into. Also, this saves you time and energy because you won’t have to physically go to your door to use it, especially if you choose the remote feature.

With a remote intercom system, you can answer your door even when you’re not at home and no one has to know that the house is empty. This will allow you to converse with the person on your doorstep and find out what they need without having to interact with them face-to-face.

Alarm System

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There are times when a comprehensive security system complete with CCTV cameras could be considered overkill, especially if you only have a small house. But the size of your home doesn’t matter when it’s your life on the line, so having a certain level of security within could work wonders to ease your worries.

What you can do to feel safer at home is to have an alarm system installed. It could be even better if you can control it from your mobile device so that you can keep an eye on your home even if you’re at work. This way, you can eliminate the need for keys or fobs that could be lost when you’re panicked about a sudden breach of property in the middle of the night.

With your alarm system, you can put sensors on your doors, windows, and around the perimeter of your house so that you will know when someone’s trespassing on your property. There are also alarm systems that could directly notify the police or firefighters in case of an emergency, which could be useful to you if you ever want to have that kind of feature.

Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detector

External factors aren’t the only sources of fear for homeowners, especially since there are things far more dangerous than those — toxic and lethal fumes. This is because it only takes a few minutes for the fire to spread out and create thick, black smoke that can suffocate anyone inside the dwelling. Fire can also cause severe property damage in the process.

Carbon monoxide, on the other hand, kills at least 400 people every year due to accidental poisoning. This is even scarier considering that people can’t see or smell carbon dioxide unlike smoke, but they can inhale the gas without their knowledge. After that, it only takes two hours at the most before carbon monoxide becomes lethal.

That’s why you need to have a working fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detector at home because it can save your life. By using a reliable monitoring system that can send you notifications on your mobile device, you can eliminate potential threats to your safety.

Some people may argue that those who use smart technology are making themselves targets for invasion of privacy. Of course, it’s impossible to assure that the smart devices are 100% safe, but the advantages they bring to homeowners can clearly outweigh the disadvantages, which means that kind of risk can be worth taking.

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