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Juice Up Your Back Links with These Techniques

Juice Up Your Back Links with These Techniques

Online marketing is a cutthroat strategy because of the constant updates and changes in algorithms and tools. You’ll have to stay abreast of these fluctuations to stay ahead of the competition. Backlinking is still alive and kicking; you still need this technique to close the gap between your competitors or even leapfrog them.

Experts from a digital marketing agency in Virginia Beach cite the following techniques to improve your backlinking.

Scour the Web for Mentions

There are people such as industry experts and fans that will mention your brand or company because they like your services or products. Look for these online and turn the mentions into backlinks. Reach out to them and ask for a guest post, share a link or partner with them. This strategy boosts your ranking and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Create Separate Entities

Having a website is not enough to juice up your backlinks and beat your competitors. Create multiple assets to boost your image and awareness. A blog or an entirely separate URL will help answer questions, solve problems or focus on specific topics related to your industry. This allows you to funnel different visitors that are on various stages of the sales funnel. If they are near the conversion stage, you could nudge them into buying or taking an action you want. If they are further back in the process, you can ease them in by providing them with more information.

Look for specific keywords to use and concentrate on. Make posts that are topic-centric and make content such as videos, podcasts, infographics and others to hook readers in.

Build a Skyscraper

You don’t have to build a literal skyscraper; this alludes to the type of content you create. Many online marketers implement this technique to improve their authority in their industry. When you make blog posts, videos or images, focus your efforts around a particular problem or topic. Determine the needs, wants and potential questions of possible visitors. Find a solution and answer for these through what you publish.

Tease them with each publication, leave them wanting more. After doing so, give more detailed information on the next ones. Seal the deal with a solution and answer they can accept.

Be a Copycat

Review the websites of your closest competitors or those atop your industry. Identify the sites they linked to and reach out to these as well. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to succeed; you can copy the strategies and backlinks your competition uses. Study the link before reaching out; determine if they are within your industry, share your brand values or publish content that you like.

Co-Author Content

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Reach out to industry experts or companies that you link. Ask them if they want to co-author a post or video about a specific topic that is relevant to their audience. Make backlinking a non-negotiable part of the discussions.

Backlinks are vital to the success of your online marketing campaigns. Find partners to share a link or two with, create separate pages or a blog to boost your image and focus on topics that are relevant to your audience

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