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Just Smile: Prevent Your Heart from Aching

Just Smile: Prevent Your Heart from Aching

One of the most difficult things to do during this pandemic is to remain happy. With everything that is going on around the globe, it is painful to laugh or smile. Nevertheless, being happy is a way to keep ourselves mentally healthy. We must have a healthy mindset about the current circumstances so that we can remain hopeful that everything will be okay.

Happiness can come from various sources. Money, fame, power – these are not the true sources of satisfaction. On the other hand, being with family and staying healthy are two things that seem to prove their worth, especially during this quarantine period. Health, in particular, seems just as valuable as gold.

While COVID-19 is a virus that currently prevents us from experiencing happiness every day, other diseases prevent you from smiling that wide Cheshire Cat grin. A lack of proper oral hygiene can cause these diseases. As we grow busier and busier each day, it is easy to forget this essential aspect of our overall health. Nevertheless, a trusted orthodontist can help bring back the genuine smile on your face despite the neglect of oral hygiene.

The Power of A Smile

A smile does not only serve as a signal to show satisfaction. The act of smiling can also serve as a stress-reliever. This act affects your emotional state, so whenever you feel like you are in a bad mood, try putting on a smile to help uplift your spirit.

There are many benefits to smiling. Apart from these benefits that serve the individual, smiling also affects those around them. It is a contagious act that can only have a positive impact on those affected.

However, many factors can cause a person to avoid smiling. One of these factors is poor oral health. Taking care of one’s teeth is important not only to preserve those pearly whites but also to prevent certain diseases caused by dental problems.

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Teeth, Hearts, and Babies

Some believe that oral hygiene is completely separate from the rest of the body but is far from the truth. It might come as a surprise, but your teeth can affect your general well-being, including the condition of one of the major organs in your body. Maintaining good oral hygiene is important to prevent dental issues and other concerns related to overall health, such as heart disease. Here are health conditions related to dental and oral health that you should be aware of.

Although poor oral hygiene has not yet been proven to cause heart disease, there have been some correlations between oral health and heart conditions. For example, poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of bacterial infection in one’s bloodstream. This can affect the heart valves, which is particularly concerning, especially if one’s heart valves are artificial. Developing periodontitis is also associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Pregnant women should always inform their dentist of their pregnancy before a consultation to ensure that the dentist takes safety precautions for both the mother and the baby. It might be necessary for pregnant women to get a dental consultation to prevent severe gum disease. There has been a link between severe gum disease in expecting mothers and premature birth. This occurrence can lead to complications in the baby’s health, so it is best to take all necessary preventive measures.

Some might be misinformed about the importance of good oral hygiene. However, we should always keep in mind that every part of our body is interconnected. This means that taking care of our overall well-being is necessary to achieve good health. Enjoying good health is essential in having a good quality of life.

Health and Quality of Life

Improving your physical and mental health also enhances your quality of life. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to take a closer look at your daily routines to see if there is anything you can change to help elevate your everyday living. Improving your quality of life will make it easier for you to keep that smile on each waking day.

Physical exercise is a tried-and-tested method for improving quality of life. Including regular exercise in your daily routine will allow you to enhance your mental health by warding off potential symptoms of depression, especially during this quarantine period. Exercise also improves blood flow in the brain, so it helps sharpen your mind.

Doing regular aerobic exercise can also improve your sleep hygiene. Deep sleep is necessary for the body to repair and heal itself naturally. Being active also helps muscle function and metabolism.

Elevating your quality of life is important in gaining life satisfaction. Maintaining good physical and mental health, including oral health, will help you greet every day and everyone with a wide and genuine smile. Prioritize your overall health to ensure that you can face each day with happiness.

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