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Keeping Your Commercial Vehicles Safe During Winter

Keeping Your Commercial Vehicles Safe During Winter

If you live in a place like Utah, where it can get extremely cold during winter, you need to take measures to protect your fleet of commercial vehicles. Wintertime problems can disrupt your business and cause expensive delays. If your cars stop working, you will have to spend even more on repairs. To prevent these from happening and keep your vehicles safe, follow the steps below:

1. Get them inspected early.

The sudden cold can cause old problems to flare up. To prevent this from becoming a problem, get your vehicles inspected for safety ahead of time. The last thing that you need is a car breakdown in the middle of the freezing cold. If your vehicles carry goods, this is even more important. If they break down in the middle of the road, it might not be easy to fix them due to cold exposure. Make sure that your engine is fine and that all oil and fluid levels are correct. Also, make sure that the battery is good or new. The long winter will definitely affect your battery life.

2. Carry out necessary repairs.

Simply getting your vehicles inspected is not enough. You need to replace any parts that aren’t functioning well. You might need to carry out repairs as well. Never hit the road under frozen conditions with a vehicle operating with faulty parts. It can be a danger to the lives of your employees.

3. Get new garage doors.

If you are expecting heavy snow in Utah, a new garage door installation is a good idea. A strong garage door is protection against blizzards and other storms. It will keep your vehicles from being exposed, and it might even save your batteries from cold weather damage. They will also make it easier for you to clean out and take out the vehicles every day.

4. Install winter tires or chains.

Whether you operate large trucks or a fleet of sedans, getting winter tires is essential. Even if you have all-weather tires, getting a winter tire is necessary. It will help you prevent life-threatening accidents. Under icy conditions, when the roads are frozen over and have not been defrosted in a long time, winter tires and chains can be your best protection against accidents caused by skidding vehicles.

5. Follow proper safety precautions.

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Following proper safety precautions means lots of different things. You must train your employees on following proper safety procedures when driving in winter. Try to avoid journeys at night, and always pay heed to the weather forecast. Never schedule deliveries or send people out when you know that a day of heavy snowfall can be expected. Part of being safe is to have a tracking and alert system for all your vehicles. Employees should also be trained on the proper protocol in snow emergencies.

Winter is a difficult time for all vehicles. When it comes to commercial vehicles, follow this advice to avoid causing injury to employees out of negligence. You can also minimize property damage and insurance cost like this.

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