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Make Your Ranch Wedding Memorable

Make Your Ranch Wedding Memorable

More young couples are veering away from the “traditional” wedding, which is held inside a church. They now prefer a venue where they can continue their festivities. Many have shifted their attention to having a beach or garden wedding. But when the majority are having their weddings at these venues, things become too common and your wedding would no longer be unique.

Now, there are more options if you want a wedding off the beaten path. The idea of a wedding as a getaway is still great, as it will not be just a ceremony for the newlyweds and the family, but everyone who will attend. This is the driving force behind the idea of beach weddings, but having a ranch wedding and staying in a lodge in a place like Wichita, Kansas, can be a blast.

Choosing the Location

There is a wide array of activities that you can have in a ranch, and you may have to narrow down your options. You can go horseback riding or fly fishing. You can also go full cowboy and cowgirl and herd actual bulls. Or you can have a plantation wedding or have a complete barnyard square dance. There are many possible backdrops and activities that can definitely be a refreshing variation from the usual sand and sea.

When you have decided on your itinerary, then you can see which of the venues offer those unique activities. It is advisable to visit the actual venue at least once. Try to visualize the surroundings and if you want to hold it outdoors, be mindful of the weather on that date.

Specify the Setting

Now, this is a decision you have to make. An outdoor wedding will always be risky, and depending on the date of your wedding, the weather could be very unpredictable. It may be wise to have a tent set up as a back-up plan.

Another suggestion is to have the wedding inside the barn. That will also give that nice rustic feel. It will also allow you to adorn the venue with chandeliers and other wedding features.


The ranch can actually be a one-stop destination. Usually, you have to leave the venue as the newlyweds proceed to their honeymoon plans. However, a couple can have their honeymoon at the ranch as well. You can rent a grand log cabin and also reserve rooms on a separate house for close friends and family.

For many ranches, the log cabin has a generic or unique design, but the amenities can compete with those of a five-star hotel. Many of them would offer a honeymoon package wherein the couple and some chosen guests can spend an entire weekend and have a real out of town experience.


organic free range chicken roasted with vegetables and gravy

Many ranches are equipped to offer the best gourmet dishes and they also have the added attraction of serving the freshest ingredients as they would likely have plantations and livestock. You can choose from a true five-star menu with international cuisine, or you can have grilled steaks for a truly exotic feel.

Having an outdoor wedding can be a dream come true because of the picturesque scenery and the spacious venue. There would be some extra details that you need to mind, but they are worth the time and effort. Your wedding would not just be a ceremony and a meal, it would be a full, memorable getaway.

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