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Oral Surgeons: A Closer Look at Their Services

Oral Surgeons: A Closer Look at Their Services

Dentistry is vast. It’s not just about extracting teeth or re-aligning them. There are different areas with different specialists who have studied these specific problems to provide you with particular care.

Among them are oral surgeons.

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As patients, it can be tough to know what oral surgeons can help you with without getting a referral from your dentist. That said, here are the services you can get from them:

Complicated Tooth Extractions

Sure enough, a general dentist could extract your teeth. You’ll likely go to them for that. But, some tooth extractions are more complicated and will require special care. For example, impacted wisdom teeth involves cutting the gums to remove your wisdom teeth, which didn’t grow upright.

Your general dentist could take care of milder impacted wisdom tooth problems. But, leave it to oral surgeons to do the procedure if it’s deeply impacted. That’s because they’ll have to cut deeper into your gums to remove it.

You might need general anesthesia for deeply impacted teeth, which is something your oral surgeon can provide.

Dental Implants

Getting titanium dental implants will also mean you need to undergo oral surgery. It’s a complicated task that requires expertise to execute properly.

Oral surgeons will have to cut through your gums and drill a titanium post to your jaw. Then, you’ll have to recover for a few months before the crown gets on.

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Corrective Jaw Surgeries

There are minor and major dental and skeletal issues included in this category. For example, you might need oral surgery for the severe misalignment of your jaw and teeth.

Oral surgery is also the answer to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders that can cause headaches and facial pains.

Through surgery, your chewing, speaking, and even breathing can be improved, which makes it an essential treatment for those who need them. That said, it’s best to have an oral surgeon do the procedure as they are more well-versed in these than anyone else.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Several things can cause sleep apnea. But it’s mainly due to obstruction in the airway that stops the patient’s breathing. However, oral surgeons will be asked to consult in some cases, especially when the blockage is a large tongue.

Depending on the problem, an oral surgeon could do a surgical procedure to treat the problem.

Other Problems

Oral surgeons offer bone grafting to help reshape the jaw and make it easier for dental implants or dentures to fit the jaw. It provides more comfort to the patient and makes the function of their tooth or teeth replacement better.

They can also help surgically treat cleft lips and cleft palates, which result when areas of the mouth or the nasal cavity do not form together during fetal development.

Knowing how oral surgeons can help can save you time and effort. Instead of consulting with other specialists, you go straight to the one that can help you.

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