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Pandemic Healthcare: Achieving Your Goal Weight at Home

Pandemic Healthcare: Achieving Your Goal Weight at Home

Healthcare has gone to the wayside because of the hysteria surrounding the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has left most people restricted inside their homes. The spread of the news regarding how deadly the virus is being rivalled by the speed at which the virus actually spread. The nature of the disease was unknown and fatal.

It scared a lot of people to stay inside their homes instead. The worse thing about it is that you get to experience its symptoms way too late. It is unknown how long the virus can live on surfaces. It is also unknown how long you will get to experience its symptoms. The incubation period varies from person to person that which is entirely unpredictable, and not easy to know whether you actually have the coronavirus or just the seasonal flu.

With news surrounding how bad the virus can affect your body, fear quickly spread. Everyone started taking precautions when going outside and meeting strangers. Social distancing was highly encouraged. The usage of masks was made mandatory to prevent virus droplets from being aerated to others within the vicinity. As a result, most businesses who banked on social capital suffered great losses. Businesses that required physical contact and non-use of face masks quickly declined. Small businesses were the ones that suffered the most.

Before the pandemic, people were already averse to going to gyms. The pandemic gave the potential market even more reason to evade going to the gym. Those who were avid fans of maintaining their body weight were frightened of the prospect of a possibly infected workout area.

As the vaccine roll-out is still miles away from completion, how can you achieve your goal weight in the safety of your own home amidst the pandemic?

Seeking Non-Invasive Therapies

There is no shame in taking a quicker route to better health, especially if it will prevent future health problems. Some people are looking into seeking non-invasive therapies to help to reduce their weight to a healthy level. A therapy called fat freeze procedure or cool sculpting allows the therapist to freeze out and kill the fat cells of a certain part of your body. It will eventually allow the liver to expunge it out.

Some also resort to laser therapy and radiofrequency to eliminate fat through the newest technological apparatus available. While it may be pricey, it promises quick results. These therapies are now available through the preferred clinic’s home visit. With modern technology, large apparatus for non-invasive treatment can fit a small van.

Meal Planning

meal plan

Meal planning can go a long way. Now that most of your favourite healthy restaurants are out of business, you can finally start counting your calories at home. Meal planning is one way you can safely achieve your own weight goals inside the home, even amidst the pandemic. There are millions of online resources offering certain meal plans and other kinds of nutritional advice to help you in your quest to lose weight.

A lot of nutritionists believe that 80% of the weight loss and maintenance comes from the kitchen. Only the remaining 20% comes from the healthy workout. Caloric deficit and metabolic boost through workout are the main keys to actual weight loss. One cannot go without the other.


You do not even have to spend on gym equipment to work out. Callisthenics is a set of exercises that offer a great alternative to gym workouts. Callisthenics relies on the bodyweight of the person, so actual weights are not needed. Some callisthenics workouts have an intensity that can match extreme gym workouts. It is one of the most ancient and most effective ways to reduce or maintain a healthy weight. It can also help you if you aim to gain muscle. These exercises offer an option to still exercise while staying at home.

Food Screening

Donate the food that can cause your weight to go up. The temptation of buying unhealthy food is high. During a pandemic, everyone is tense and vulnerable to making bad decisions out of anxiety. There may be a build-up of unhealthy food just hanging around in your kitchen. Avoid temptation by giving them all out. Some forms of carbohydrates, protein, and fat are just not worth it. All the factors to keep your weight and your body unhealthy are present, especially when locked inside. Resist the urge.

Taking care of one’s physical health can be difficult in the loneliness of your own home. However, when done right, you wouldn’t even need to go out to go to a gym post-pandemic.

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