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Redesign Your Office into an Efficient Work Space

Redesign Your Office into an Efficient Work Space

Your office is a reflection of your company. It is the physical manifestation of your company’s vision and mission. It is similar to the image you present in a meeting. After all, first impressions last. When a probable business partner or job applicant comes over, chances are, they are concocting inferences in their heads on how your company works based on the look of your office.

Choosing a utilitarian design for your office will not guarantee the space’s efficiency. Nowadays, people can concentrate and produce better if the office vibe is cozy and inviting. The design of your office can also contribute to the psychological wellbeing of your employees. If it’s cramped and disorganized, your employees can feel exhausted more than the usual. They go home feeling heavier than they should which can affect their performance the next day.

Redesigning your office appears to be a lot of work. You can make the redecorating process easier by asking your employees on how they like the space to be improved, and by ordering new office furniture online. On top of that, here are other ways to turn your office into a more efficient workspace:

  1. Improve airflow.

The quality of air can affect the health and productivity of your employees, according to the World Green Building Council.

You can improve the quality of airflow in your workspace by opting for an easy move, such as adding numerous indoor plants– a decorative yet functional idea. Another option is to install an air filtration system– the more effective way. Better yet, do both if you haven’t yet.

  1. Maximize the use of natural light.

A well-lit office means less eyestrain and headaches. Eyesight problems worsen due to subdued lighting conditions and increasingly bright screens.

Keep the windows unobstructed to allow the light in. You can move huge furniture that is blocking the window into another area. You will need artificial light to provide illumination in the office throughout the day. Instead of choosing fluorescent lights, invest in ambient lighting. Know where to strategically place them.

  1. Make the lobby appealing.

Your lobby is the first area that guests and employees will see when they enter your office.

Keep in mind the impression you want to leave to your guests when you redesign your lobby. Make your lobby the daily reminder as to why your employees should continue working for you and with you. Show them that your company cares about their comfort, that your company is something to be proud of.

  1. Curate the color.

Changing the color of your walls can instantly change the look of your office. Choose a color scheme that matches well with your company colors. Lean towards the warm hues on the color wheel for productivity reasons. Coordinate the shades you will choose with the office furniture.

  1. Think of the flow of work.

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When you’re redecorating, think of your office workflow. Where should the printer be? How should the desks be arranged? Who sits where?

Having a strategy on designing the work stations can eventually save your employees from wasting their time. The time they spend moving around can be used for real work or minutes of rest.

Productivity is a good enough reason to redecorate your office. At the same time, remember that your employees are people. They get tired. They get sick. It’s human quality to be mindful of people’s wellness. Be the leader everyone deserves at work.

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