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Revenue vs. Employee Health and Safety: Which Should You Prioritize

Revenue vs. Employee Health and Safety: Which Should You Prioritize

Making money is one of the main purposes of running a business. You want to earn enough money to sustain your lifestyle and secure you and your family’s future. But never forget that you have employees to take care of as well. Now that the world is dealing with a pandemic, your business might have been affected by the quarantine and social distancing rules.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can keep your business afloat amid the pandemic. Sales are probably declining, and your operations have been compromised due to the lockdowns, travel ban, and social distancing measures enforced by the government. Many people lost their jobs and many companies have closed.

So how can you keep your business alive while caring for your employees’ welfare at the same time?

Set your priorities and learn to compromise when necessary

During a crisis, things are difficult for everyone, including you and your employees. Your love and concern for your people will be tested in times like this. Know your priorities and learn to compromise. Are you focused more on earning money or do you want to strike a balance between earning and caring for your workers?

For example, asking your employees to come to work even if there is a travel ban and the risk of getting infected is high is a bad idea. Not only you are putting your workers’ lives in danger; you are also losing their trust and loyalty. Money is important, but the lives of the people who work for and with you are more valuable.

Also, you should think ahead when making a decision, meaning you should consider the long-term effects of your decision. You are likely to lose some money if you didn’t prepare a contingency fund for emergencies like this. Always choose people over profit.

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A clean and safe environment is a requirement

If you have a few employees and you are letting them come to work, you must adhere to safety and health protocols, and always observe social distancing. In addition, you must clean and disinfect the work area regularly to prevent contamination. Providing a safe and clean environment is one of the best things you can do for your employees. Whether you own a commercial cleaning service franchise business or not, cleanliness in the workplace should be one of your priorities.

Employees will appreciate alternative work setups

Now that it is not safe to roam and travel to and from work, you may provide your employees with alternative ways to do their work without leaving their homes. Many companies allowed their workers to work from home; consider doing the same for your people. They will appreciate this act of kindness and concern very much.

Careful decision-making is more important these days

The economy and the people are sensitive these days, so you should be careful when making business decisions. Always think about the future and consider all the factors before deciding. Your company’s fate will depend on the choices you will make today.

Challenges will always be there, but you should stand firm and stay strong. Always do the right thing and good things will happen to you and your business.

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