Self-Care Amidst a Pandemic

Self-Care Amidst a Pandemic

It’s not a secret that the Covid-19 has disrupted our daily lives. For some of us, it’s the first time we’ve experienced being isolated or having to stay away from other people for so long that it has taken a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

While solving this problem by finding a cure is still the number one priority, we should also be able to take care of ourselves during this pandemic. For that, we’ve listed down a few tips on self-care amidst a pandemic.

Physical Health

The first aspect where you need to take care of yourself is your physical health. These tips are mainly related to avoiding the virus, and also how you can develop your body’s immune system.

Stay at Home

As much as possible, you need to stay at home. The COVID-19 spreads rather quickly and going outside significantly increases your risks of contracting the virus. If you do not have any important matter you need to attend to, just stay at home.

Cashless Payments

More and more companies are now starting to utilize online services to have food and other necessities delivered to your home. This lessens the need to go outside. To further this cause, it’s best if we stick to cashless payments. Many mobile applications use virtual transactions by connecting them to your bank account. Using credit or debit cards are also helpful for these transactions. If you don’t have one yet, now may be the best time to apply for an ATM card.

Eat Healthily

Despite the need to stay at home, make sure that you refrain from eating fast food every single day. Make it a point that you still eat healthy foods. Since the vaccine for COVID-19 is not yet widely available, your body’s immune system would have to fight the virus alone, and developing it by eating healthy is of utmost importance.

Emotional Health

Social isolation poses many health risks not just physically, but emotionally as well. It can lead to loneliness or depression. That’s why despite the pandemic, we should remember to pay attention to our emotional health as well.

Catch Up with Your Friends and Family

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The good thing is that we can now easily catch up with our friends and family via the internet. There are lots of video-chatting platforms where we can call them up and see how they’re doing. Being able to rekindle your relationships will generally make you feel better.

Make Music

When your emotions are heightened, it may be a good opportunity to revisit the artist in you. You can try writing songs or making music and upload them on different music-streaming services for other people to listen to.

Mental Well-Being

You may not notice it but one of the worst impacts of Covid-19 is how detrimental the pandemic is to our mental health. What’s more frightening is that some contributors to this go unnoticed. To protect your mental well-being, here are some tips you can follow.


Always keep in mind that visual clutter is mental clutter. We understand that you now get to spend most of your time at home, but sometimes, this leads to lots of clutter too. Now is probably a good time to let go of some of your things and keep your home organized.

Take Breaks from Social Media

You have no idea how much of our time is collectively spent on social media networks. While we need these networks to connect with our loved ones, spending too much time browsing endlessly on them may be bad for your mental health. Be mindful of how you consume your social media apps as this may only provide your brain with useless information.

Watch Uplifting Movies

Instead of spending hours on end browsing social media networks, use that time to watch or read uplifting movies or books instead. Some of you may argue that these are nothing but distractions. However, distractions can be good for you if you have free time. The morale boost we gain from these positive media is exactly what we need during times of hardship.

Learn Something

How does the idea of being able to add something new to your curriculum vitae or your bio sound to you? Why not use your free time to learn something new at home? Learn to play the guitar, how to cook, or a new language! There are plenty of online applications or tutorials that will help you with that.

The fight against Covid-19 is both a collective and an individual battle. We all must follow certain precautions to guarantee that everyone is safe, without forgetting how to take care of ourselves as well. Sooner or later, this will all be over, and hopefully, we all come out stronger after.

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