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Should You Hire a Professional Mover to Dodge Moving Problems?

Should You Hire a Professional Mover to Dodge Moving Problems?

Moving is definitely one of the hardest tasks you’d do in your life. All the processes involved, such as planning, selling the house, buying a new house, and finally moving, will take a tremendous amount of time and effort. On the day of the move, some residents opt for DIY moving, especially if they’re on a tight budget, but it may come with risks. With professional movers in Salt Lake City and other places, on the other hand, you would be spared from lifting heavy furniture and equipment, though they would require an additional cost. 

But with or without professional movers, problems are inevitable during the moving day. Below is a list of these common problems, and from here, you can decide if DIY moving or professional moving services would be best for you.

DIY Moving Problems

If you do the moving all by yourself, you would be in absolute control of everything, which can be appealing. You get to choose the size and type of moving truck and supplies, plus handle all the boxes and other stuff yourself. But doing all of those is by no means easy. Lifting heavy furniture by yourself takes a lot of physical strength, and if there are flights of stairs to deal with, it would be extra exhausting. You can get the help of your friends, but if all of you are inexperienced movers, you face the risk of your furniture and walls being damaged from rough contact.

DIY moving also takes way more planning compared to doing it with movers. Without a professional’s help, you alone would have to plan how best to get things from point A to point B, and how to properly load all boxes and other items in your rented truck. Even if you’re free to pack your things however you want and load the truck in any way you see fit, there might still be problems that would arise, like a piece of furniture or fixture that needs special packaging.

When you reach your new home, you may also face another set of problems, such as some furniture getting stuck in a door, to name one. A professional mover would see to it that problems like this do not happen.

Other Moving Problems

People who hire professional movers sometimes make the mistake of not booking early. Reputable moving companies are in-demand, so if you decide to hire one, make sure to do it ahead of time before you run out of slots. Finalize your moving date early on so you can book the best moving company.

With regards to packing, some people do it too late, resulting in unorganized things in boxes which would make unpacking them more tedious and confusing. One obvious way to avoid this problem is to start packing as soon as the moving is decided, and another way is to reach out to your preferred moving company. Again, do this early on so that the company can secure the availability of their staff who would assist you in packing.

Not being informed of the new building’s restrictions would give you a problem on your move as well. In Manhattan, for example, movers aren’t allowed into most buildings until 9 am, so if you and your movers arrive at 8 or earlier, you’d end up wasting a few hours just waiting to be allowed in.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers

movers lifting a frurniture from the van

With professional movers, you can have someone to lift all your heavy furniture for you. If you have fragile and other special types of furniture, they can make adjustments in their trucks to make room for these items. You can also expect them to handle all your stuff with care.

Efficiency is also ensured with professional movers. They’ll arrive on time with all the necessary moving supplies and equipment, and assist you with all the aspects of the move you’ve agreed upon.

Overall, they save you time and stress. They’re experts on everything about moving, from lifting and loading to driving to unloading. While DIY moving saves money, it sadly doesn’t save you time and energy, making movers more cost-effective.

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