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Smart Methods to Keep Your School Clean — Even During the Break

Smart Methods to Keep Your School Clean — Even During the Break

When you are the head of a school, there are various issues that will need your attention. One of these is the need for proper cleaning and sanitation procedures in your school facilities. A dirty school is not a place conducive to learning, nor is it good for your students’ health. Here are some tips on what you can do to have a clean school.

Have the Students Pitch In

One thing you have to realize is that if your students are not helping with your goal of keeping the school clean, then you are in a losing fight. With many schools having hundreds of students, if they don’t pick up after themselves, then your cleaning team will not be able to keep up. Teach your students to throw their trash in the right places and to minimize any messes they make.

Plus, you can do what is done in some countries. They routinely have students stay after classes to clean up their own classrooms. A simple sweep and wipe down is more than enough to help keep most classrooms clean. For other areas, you can have professionals handle it.

Have the Right Supplies

Whether you have a professional cleaning staff or you have students cleaning things up, it would be much better if they have the right supplies for the job. Cleaning equipment is easy enough to buy on the market. You should be able to get a bulk deal. Besides that, commercial cleaning chemicals and other supplies can be bought the same way. Take note though that you might want to restrict the bleach and other dangerous cleaners to your professional staff so that your students are safe.

There might also be additional equipment that you might want to buy. For example, there are industrial floor cleaners that are more thorough than a broom and a mop. These are perfect for cleaning high-traffic areas in your school. Your gym and other facilities might need cleaning machines that can help make the job quicker and easier for your sanitation team.

Craft a Solid Waste Management Program

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Another aspect of cleanliness you have to handle is how your school manages its waste. Your students alone will generate tons of garbage in a day. You should not just leave all that lying around. Plus, your school activities might have additional waste that you need to get rid of. Everything from leftovers from the cafeteria to science lab accidents needs disposal.

This is where the waste management program comes in. You might decide to integrate a recycling scheme with it so as to help with improving your school’s energy efficiency. Implementing this program is important so that no waste is left on your school premises.

Have a “Deep Cleaning” Policy During School Breaks

There will be periods where there will be no or minimal people coming to school. This is a great time to schedule a deep cleaning of the premises. This ensures that ignored areas get some level of cleaning and to better improve the sanitation levels of the school.

With a clean school, you will have fewer worries when it comes to the health of your students and staff. A dirty school is a breeding ground for disease, and your more fragile students would be at risk. The tips above should go a long way to helping keep your school facilities be as sanitary as possible so that your kids get the learning environment they deserve.

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