Starting a Family: Questions You Need to Answer

Starting a Family: Questions You Need to Answer

It’s the 21st century, but many women still try to follow the traditional path to a happy family life. You meet Mr. Right without knowing he’s the love of your life. Then, you go on a date and fall in love with him. He proposes, and you plan your dream wedding. And now, you’re happily married. Naturally, the next step is starting a family.

Before you go taking that next step, though, you should ask yourself if you’re ready to have a baby. Read on for three of the important questions you need to answer before starting a family:

Are you ready financially?

First, you need to ask yourself if you and your husband are ready financially to have a baby. Remember that you’ll already be spending a lot of money even before the baby arrives. There are your regular OB/GYN checkups and prenatal vitamins. You’ll also have to buy baby stuff, such as a crib, a mattress, pillows, and sheets, for the nursery beforehand.

And when the baby arrives, visits to pediatric specialists in like the ones in West Jordan will be the norm. Then, purchasing baby stuff will become a cycle as you’ll need to get items like diapers, wipes, and baby formula and food every now and then.

Are you ready physically?

Second, you should ask yourself if you and your husband are ready physically to have a baby. This is actually more about you because the bulk of the job will fall on your shoulders. Your most important task will, of course, be carrying the baby for nine months then delivering it.

Afterward, you’ll also be responsible for breastfeeding and probably most of the things that need to be done to take care of a baby. And you have to do these during nighttime as well. Things will be even more complicated if you have a day job. You’ll truly be exhausted, so your husband should do his part and regularly take on other baby duties.

Are you ready emotionally?

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Third, you should ask yourself if you and your husband are emotionally ready to have a baby. Again, this primarily concerns you. There’ll be major changes in your everyday life after you give birth, which will make you experience a range of emotions. While the overriding emotions will be love and happiness, you should also be prepared to feel sad, anxious, irritable, or frustrated for no reason at all.

Sudden mood swings are normal for a couple of weeks after welcoming your baby, but postpartum depression is likewise a very real possibility. Don’t forget about your husband’s emotions as well because he’ll also experience major life changes when your baby arrives.

Are You Truly Ready?

Overall, starting a family is no small matter, so you should ask yourself if you are truly ready—particularly financially, physically, and emotionally—before you decide to have a baby. Prepared or not, however, you should always welcome the news of a baby with open arms. After all, a child is a blessing.

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