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Style Options for Coffee Tables for Office Spaces

Style Options for Coffee Tables for Office Spaces

Workspaces have transformed in recent times from the drab ones seen in the past. These days, business owners are going all out to create workspaces that attract top talent and exude the best look for clients. To this end, office furniture now goes beyond an office desk and a comfortable chair. These are still no doubt essential in modern workspaces, but offices also have couches for relaxation and hosting meetings.

With the couches you get from contemporary, classic, and industrial office furniture suppliers, you need to choose an ideal coffee table to match their look and functionality. Coffee tables are long low tables designed to hold magazines, decorative objects, books, and beverages. They have been a common element in residential spaces for the longest time, but are now among the defining features of a comfortable office environment.

Here are the style options you can have for your coffee tables:

Shaker-Style Tables

Shaker furniture encompasses a distinct style by a religious sect known as the Shakers. Honesty, utility, and simplicity are the guiding principles of this religious organization. These beliefs are reflected in their minimalist and exceptionally carved out furniture pieces. Shaker-style coffee tables are made of pine, maple, or cherry lumber and are often stained or painted green, yellow, red, or blue. They also have simple straight legs, slight bevels to their top details, and dovetail drawers.

Cottage-Style Tables

These are designed to balance the imperfections in your space, showcase ordinary treasures, and blend with your existing furniture. Cottage-style coffee tables feature feminine detailing and lines, such as turned legs and distressed or painted finishes. Their style is largely an unpretentious one that stands out in your space without dwarfing the other pieces in your offices.

Industrial-Style Tables

This style evokes a purposeful feel and appearance of factory tools. The tables, in this case, will be made of metal and wood in a sturdy and rough-hewn construction. The metal used in modern industrial-style tables includes everything from reclaimed tin to galvanized pipes with glass and wood intertwined in its overall display. Though these tables are often used for office spaces featuring a loft-style look, they will also make a perfect contrast when paired with soft furniture finishes.


Parsons Tables

The Parsons coffee table can be rectangular or square with four square flush legs that are as thick as the table’s top. The Parsons table has one of the simplest designs for office spaces and is, therefore, often used for the legal industry that aims to exude a professional interior look. You can finish the Parsons table with different materials and upholstery to match the rest of your furniture.

Contemporary Tables

These are generally made of wood or metal bases and glass tops. The shapes and designs of contemporary tables are diverse, and you can get a customized design. These tables are ideal for office interiors with bold and bright accents.

Your office space need not be drab and ordinary anymore. With the range of office furniture designs now available, it is possible to get an exceptional space without exceeding your budget. To ensure that the tables do not hinder movement around your couches, leave a 45cm space between the table and the couch.

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