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Take Advantage of Instagram to Extend Your Reach

Take Advantage of Instagram to Extend Your Reach

The world of social media has grown over the years. More and more are getting into social media platforms. There are more than 1 billion active Instagram users, and more than 500 million are active on Instagram every day. Instagram has already surpassed Twitter for its number of users. Now that’s a lot of users who are just waiting to see your content. Imagine reaching out to all these users and introducing your brand.

Fortunately, you can use the same SEO principles and techniques that you use on your website on your brand’s Instagram. You can use the same methods to boost your Instagram’s organic growth. Let your web optimization company help you drive more potential customers to your brand’s Instagram profile.

Post the Right Image

The right Instagram images can increase your engagement and sales. You do not need to put up any long marketing message to deliver your sales pitch. Most buyers use social media posts as a reference if they should buy a product or not. It is also the perfect place to reach non-customers who have not heard about your brand yet but are always on Instagram.

Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Here are the steps on how to use the Instagram platform to promote your brand.

1. Create your optimized business account.

Create a separate Instagram account for your business. To fully optimize its features, create a business account. Present a good brand image and make sure it reflects in your Instagram profile. It’s your opportunity to create a great first impression, spread brand awareness, and gain new customers.

To fully optimize your Instagram, make sure to do the following:

  • Include a link to your website in your bio. When added in your bio, the link to your website is clickable, and it can help boost your site’s traffic. Your bio is found right under your Instagram name.  Make sure that your link works.
  • Choose an attractive profile image. Pick a picture that is attractive and represents your brand well.
  • Your Instagram handle must be easy to remember. Your Instagram handle or @Username must be recognizable, catchy, searchable, and easy to remember. If possible, include your primary keyword.
  • Include your primary keyword in your Instagram display name. Your display name is different than your username. If you use your primary keyword in your handle and display name, you increase your chances of being shown in the search results feed.
  • Create an informative bio. Before Instagrammers click on the Follow button, they usually read through your bio first. Create a witty yet informative bio, the kind that convinces them your content will add value to their IG feeds. In the case of seasonal campaigns, you can always update your bio, with a link to that specific campaign on your website. You can also include your secondary keywords in your bio.

2. Produce content that users will enjoy.

Successful content can engage your followers and non-followers as well. It can also encourage your existing customers to post their positive feedback on your products. Post only high-quality, well-thought-of, and creative content that tells a story about your brand. Your image has the opportunity to reach out to customers and hook them. People are naturally visual, and they are more likely to buy your product if it looks good in their feed.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your content for Instagram.

Create a brand culture. You do not have to hard-sell your products. Post pictures on how they make their users’ lives easier and uplift their social status. If you are selling ice cream, post a photo of a family enjoying a tub of your best-selling flavor—no need to describe how your ice cream tastes. The picture will tell it for you. Use lifestyle photos to appeal to the users of Instagram. If you are selling sunglasses, for example, post a photo that shows how amazing they would look on the beach.

Use professional photos. Use creative and high-quality professional images. Avoid blurred images and crops that do not do your pictures justice.

Create exclusive offers for your followers. Excite your followers with special offers, bonuses, and insider announcements.

3. Reach more followers.

Posting stunning and impressive photos is not enough to reach more followers. You have to get your photos out there. Include hashtags in your posts to increase your discoverability. Your photo will forever be included in the results when users search for your hashtags. However, do not overdo your hashtags. Keep it to a maximum of five to keep your profile clean and neat.

To be efficient, research popular and trending hashtags related to your brand. You can mix these popular yet generic tags with more brand-specific ones. You can even create your own hashtags so that your customers can use them when they post photos of themselves using your product.

4. Include your users’ content in your feed.

influencer marketing concept

When your users or customers tag you in their photos, gushing about your brand, repost it. Not only are this legit feedback, but it also promotes a feeling of camaraderie between you and your customers. If you have a specific layout planned for your profile, you can use the Stories feature of Instagram for users’ feedback.

5. Write catchy captions that work and convert.

An effective caption can make your posts more effective and can get the full potential of engaging your followers. You can include a simple call-to-action to invite your customers to purchase or visit your site.

6. Practice white-hat SEO techniques.

Do not steal the content of others, buy followers, or use bots. Instagram might ban you if you repeatedly break their rules.

It’s an excellent time to take advantage of social media. Follow these steps and watch your Instagram presence rise.

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