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The Busy Girl’s No-Nonsense Guide to Better Skincare

The Busy Girl’s No-Nonsense Guide to Better Skincare

The skincare routines online are great, but for women who have their plates full, it’s always: “no time for that.” Imagine, the Korean glass skin craze has a minimum of seven steps, that by the time you finish, you realize you could have eaten breakfast. Busy girl, we hear you.

Here’s an encouragement: just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t get a glowing, youthful skin. That’s because skincare can be simple and easy. Here’s what you should just keep in mind.

Stick to the essentials.

The truth is that a lot of products in celebrities’ and influencers’ skincare regimens are just add-ons, so to speak. This means if you have the extra time (and budget), then go for it. But take note of the essentials, which you shouldn’t afford to get rid of.

You want to focus on these things when you’re pressed for time. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that you’ll experience breakouts or skin damage sooner or later. So, what are these essentials exactly?

The first one is cleansing. Make sure that your face is free from grime, makeup, and other irritants. The next one you want to keep in your essentials list is moisturizing. You need to keep your skin hydrated, so it remains supple and healthy. The final step is protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Slather on some sunscreen and re-apply it every three hours.

Of course, if you have bumps in your face, like pimples, you would need to have acne treatments in your essentials list, as well.

Use multi-tasking products.

To simplify further your routines, you need to be smart in your choice of products. Consider items that serve more than one purpose. For instance, there are moisturizers now that also offer sun protection. Some of them are even light-activated, which means the SPF works doubly hard when you’re exposed to sunlight. What’s more, some are organic skincare products, so they’re really worth investing in.

There are also facial wipes that act as a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. So with just a few swipes, you can get all the irritants off and hydrate your skin. You can go to bed even without washing your face.

Just a word of caution when trying out new products. Make sure to always check the ingredients. You may have saved a few bucks and hours for multi-tasking products now, only to end up at some doctor’s clinic because of skin irritation. Talk about a mess-up on your schedule and finances, right? Always look at the ingredients to know if there are stuff you might be allergic to.

Pamper yourself at least once a week.

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Even the busiest people would have some downtime. Maybe during the weekends? Perhaps Friday nights? This is when you do the 5, 10, 15-step skincare routine you want to try. Or, do the routines that usually take a lot of time, say, putting on face masks, exfoliating, or taking a long, nice beauty rest.

This pampering habit is in itself a step towards better skin. For sure, you know well that even if with the best, celebrity-approved regimen, one simply can’t get that youthful glow, if the body and mind isn’t well rested. It’s important to find time for self-care every now and then.

Just because your schedule is so uptight doesn’t mean you can’t have good skin. The key is to simplify your routine. Go get that glow in between meetings and paperwork, girl.

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