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The Perfect Colors to Say I Do

The Perfect Colors to Say I Do

When people think of weddings, they often think about big things such as the venue, menu, and wedding dress. But there is one major decision that serves as the basis of most preparations for the wedding: your wedding colors. How does one go about choosing the perfect color for a wedding? Is it safe to just choose your favorite color? Here are some tips to help you:

Consider the Season

In Orem, there are approximately 223 sunny days. With this in mind, the bride should focus on a style of a bridal dress that will make her comfortable. But styles are not the only thing affected by the season.

In choosing your wedding colors, you can consider the season your wedding is set. Silver, gold, and midnight blue add a regal look to your winter wedding. Pastels such as lilac and mint green signify the freshness of spring nuptials.

What’s the Deal with the Theme?

The style of your wedding is a great factor in the color that you will choose. The theme is a reflection of the couple’s personalities. These personalities will shine more if they choose the perfect palettes.

If you are aiming for a carefree nautical theme, navy blue and coral will be among your choices. If you and your husband like the formal and classic ones more, there is a perfect match for you. It might surprise you that a mix of black and white could make elegant designs for your special day.

The Wedding Location Matters

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The setting of your wedding is another great consideration when choosing your color. The color enhances the beauty of the place when it blends well with the location. A backyard wedding will look best with earthy colors such as sage, latte, and charcoal. “Blank slates” venues are the best kind of venues because you are free to mix and match colors of your choice.

That Which Compliments You

It is your special day. You may be clad in white, but your accessories and bouquet will follow the wedding colors of your choice. Pick a shade that enhances your skin or hair color. Also, be mindful of your entourage. Your wedding colors must look good on them and make them feel confident, too. You would not want somebody who feels awkward during your wedding.

Play with Colors (But Be Careful Too!)

In choosing colors for your wedding, it is your call. You can be adventurous and combine a base color with a few color accents. You may also choose to have one color with different gradients. This gives your wedding a more subdued and calmer atmosphere.

If you are unsure, you can look for inspiration from magazines or wedding brochures. You may also ask for the help of your family and friends. The color wheel is a helpful tool, too. The most important part is to have fun and not overthink nor overdo it.

When preparing for a wedding, it is easy to jump to the bigger details. But this detail will set the stage for almost everything at your wedding. The list goes on from invitations, gowns, accessories, make-up, to flowers. Reception details such as centerpieces, cakes, souvenirs, and other designs are affected, too. The aesthetic value of your wedding relies heavily on the right choice of your wedding colors.

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