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Three Healthy Habits You Can Practice at the Office Right Away

Three Healthy Habits You Can Practice at the Office Right Away

People who go to an office job usually log hours of sedentary work each day. Without making an effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, it’s easy to get caught up in unhealthy practices. If this sort of environment surrounds you, here are some positive changes you can make starting now.

Bring packed lunch and snacks

One of the most common challenges faced by any office worker is finding any healthy options on the menu. The standard stuff sold at vending machines and convenience stores in most office buildings won’t do in the long term. And if you have to head out a few blocks to find a restaurant that serves healthy food, the exercise may do you good, but going the extra mile (quite literally) can slice a chunk of productive time out of your day.

Take the time to prepare your meals at home and take them to the ofice. This way, you retain control over the level of nutrition on your plate. Home-cooked meals also cost less; you’ll see the difference when you check your budget each month. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks, too. There’s nothing wrong with having a bite every two or three hours in between meals; having some low-sugar keto cookies in your bag will stop you from heading out to grab a donut or something less healthy.

Make time for exercise

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In general, offices aren’t known for being conducive to physical activity. If your company goes to extra lengths to promote workplace wellness, you may be lucky enough to have an exercise room where employees can get a quick workout during their breaks. But even without such perks, it’s essential to find some time during your workday where you can get a bit of exercise.

If your job involves being in front of a computer or sitting at your desk for hours, taking mini-breaks to stand up, stretch your muscles, and gently rotate and flex your wrists will help you engage the less-used muscles of your body and reduce the strain caused by repetitive motion patterns concentrated on a few muscle groups. Taking the stairs or walking around your office whenever possible, will also keep you active. There are also some full workouts you can do in the office without any equipment. Physical activity improves your focus and engagement, so remember that the effort will be good for your health and your work.

Get a dose of the outdoors

Studies have shown that among office employees, contact with nature in the workplace is linked to reduced stress levels and general health complaints. Green spaces have a positive psychological impact that brings employees some relief from the stressful confines of the office, and may also reduce the impact of poor indoor air quality. Exposure to sunlight also helps to regulate your circadian rhythms, which will improve your sleep quality and restore your energy, leading to better performance at work.

Not all employers may be prepared to make a significant investment in office landscaping to bring these benefits to the workplace, but you can take a short stroll outside each day, or bring your laptop or tablet with you to a café down the street and work near a sunlit window, for example.

Working at an office makes it a bit more challenging to maintain healthy habits, but if you make an effort, you can still get proper nutrition, exercise, and a dose of nature each day.

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