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Top Tips for Metal Art Beginners

Top Tips for Metal Art Beginners

Metal and steel can be molded into different forms. Someone who has not yet tried sculpting with the use of metal should understand the different types of metals, welding safety apparel and equipment, and safety procedures. You can also turn this into a business once you already have your masterpieces.

It is important to know what kind of pieces you want to work on in metal. You can create anything you want as long you have the inspiration, which you can find from people, places, events, nature, and others.


You need a place where you can work without being disturbed. Keep everything organized and clean because it is expected that steel and metal works can be really messy. A place with proper ventilation is important, so you can avoid breathing in fumes from the burning metal. Consider any flammable materials nearby like papers and wood. You can also soundproof the space so that you won’t cause any unwanted noise to your neighbors.

Types of Metals

Bronze is the most commonly used for metal sculptures because it is easier to mold into shape. You can melt it or connect it piece by piece. Some of the most important statues from history, made from metal, are found in Greece and Rome. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which is often used in decorative items. Gold is considered a valuable metal that is also used in some electronic devices. There are so many other types of metals and it is important that you know their melting point, malleability, shine, and other characteristics because it will help you in sculpting your works of art.

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Sourcing Your Metal

They are mostly available from your hardware store, but you can also search for suppliers locally or online. Some of them also have delivery options, so they can send your orders directly to your workshop. Precious metals can be a bit difficult to buy.

Tools to be Used

There are a few basic tools you need to start working on your metal sculpture. Make sure you have some pliers to help you hold and clip small pieces of metals. A torch will help you heat and melt some metals. A hammer will be handy when creating a flat surface. The last thing you would need is sandpaper to help you in finishing the surfaces of the metal. Be sure to wear thick gloves so that you can avoid getting any type of injury. You can also use a buffing pad to create a shiny finished effect.

Chemicals and Solutions

These are mostly used for creating a finished look for your artwork. There is a liquid you can add to your buffing pad to create a more polished effect. There are also glazes available for aluminum and steel, which does not only add a finishing touch but also a protective film to its surface.

Once you have made your own metal sculptures, you can start selling them or giving them away as gifts. You can find ways to sell them on the internet, night markets, and furniture shops. Trade centers will also help you in keeping up-to-date with trends and styles. It can take some time but having your pieces get the right attention is necessary. Once it happens, it can become a profitable business.

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