6 Unique Digital Business Ideas to Start in 2022

6 Unique Digital Business Ideas to Start in 2022

Everyone should be thinking about what kind of business they want to start, especially with the way technology is progressing. You have access to everything you could ever need or want right at your fingertips!

1. Live Streaming

The first digital business idea we are going to talk about is live streaming. The chance to make money off of something as simple as streaming video online has opened up so many opportunities for people all over the world.

One of the most popular ways that people are making money through streaming is by playing their favorite games on Twitch. There are other types of streams besides playing games- one example would be a cooking show where you can watch someone cook and give them tips along the way.

People who stream talking about their lives every day are able to make a living off of it too. The competition is getting fierce with people trying to get their name out there, but the amount of money you can make from live streaming is really high compared to what other digital business ideas require from you. It’s also an option that doesn’t take much time away from your day-to-day life, which makes it easy to fit in if you have a busy schedule.

2. E-commerce


If you have a creative or innovative mind, then one idea that might interest you would be opening up an online shop. It requires some work and dedication, but once everything starts rolling, it can become a lot simpler to maintain by hiring someone who has more time available than yourself.

Digital businesses require a lot less overhead which is really beneficial, meaning you have the potential to earn a lot more money doing it.

3. Gaming YouTube Channel

One of the most popular digital businesses nowadays is YouTube channels. There are so many people who make a living off of them, and they get paid for every single subscriber, which makes it a very valuable platform.

It’s an entertainment business because instead of selling a product that people need, you’re selling them something that they want to watch or play with.

You can set up your channel by making content related to what you know- whether it’s gaming, fashion, beauty tips, etc… If you do this correctly, then there’s no doubt in my mind that your channel will get subscribers over time!

4. Blockchain-based business

If you have a futuristic mindset, then you might be interested in looking into a blockchain-based business. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. Even though digital currencies are volatile, this doesn’t make it any less of an interesting idea with huge potential for growth over time.

You can start your own blockchain-based business by setting up a cryptocurrency and trying to get people to accept it as a legitimate currency, or you can make a blockchain-powered project of some sort. For that, you also need to hire the right PR services for crypto to give your business the boost it needs.

5. Online Personal Trainer

Another great option will be starting your own personal training company if you like fitness and wellness! It doesn’t take much to get started either- just create an Instagram page where you post your workouts and get potential clients to contact you.

Once they do that, you can arrange for them to come over to your place or work remotely with them. This is a great idea because so many people want to get healthier and live a better lifestyle but don’t know where to start!

6. Social Media Manager

If you’re good at keeping up-to-date on all the latest social media trends, then this digital business idea might be right up your alley! There are so many businesses out there who need help managing their social media pages and getting more followers, which is why they hire social media managers.

The job of these types of employees is very simple- just maintain all of their platforms and get the most engagement possible! This requires some creativity, and more than anything, it requires you to be consistent- if you don’t update your page, then the interest of your followers will die down after a while.

Running any of these businesses can be extremely profitable if done correctly. However, it’s important to remember that you need to put in the hard work and dedication required to be successful. The digital world is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and technologies involved.

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