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Ways to Make Your LDR Work

Ways to Make Your LDR Work

Most people believe that long-distance relationships will not last. Your family advises you not to take it too seriously to avoid future heartbreaks, and your friends recommend someone closer. While LDR is not ideal, you can still make it thrive. Here are some ways to make your long-distance relationship work:

1. Send your partner a gift

Gifts are a great way to compensate for your physical absence and remind your partner that you love and miss her. You don’t have to pick expensive LDR gifts because your girl will surely appreciate your thoughtful gesture. You can go for practical things that she can use every day, such as a bag, a portable charger, a lap desk, or a care package. Or you can choose personalized gifts and send her a charm bracelet, or an engraved promise ring.

If you are artistic, you can send her an artwork that she can hang on her wall and remind her every day about how you feel. However, you need to remember that shipping works of art are not the same as transporting regular cargo. Different kinds of paintings require particular packing materials and wrapping procedures.

For instance, charcoal, watercolor, and pastel paintings need to be wrapped in glassine paper. On the other hand, oil paintings use acid-free paper, and those that are not dry to the touch would need a custom crate. The slightest mistake can damage fine art and cause a frown rather than a smile on your loved one’s face. Thus, you must deal with a professional art mover in Murray who specializes in packing and painting shipping. They will ensure that your handmade gift will arrive in pristine condition.

2. Avoid overcommunication

Communication is key to a healthy long-distance relationship. With Facetime, Skype, and phone calls, it’s easier to stay connected, build intimacy, talk about important life events, and share the details of your day. From time to time, you can send photos, audio messages, or short videos to top up the game. However, you have to maintain the quality of your communication. Spamming your guy with hourly messages or requiring him to go online 24/7 can make him tired rather than excited. Providing updates every day can be exhausting and harm your relationship.

3. Build trust

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Temptations are the most significant test of long-distance relationships. When you agree to be exclusive, you have to try your best not to do anything that can jeopardize your relationship. Be honest about your schedule, the people you meet, and your feelings. It takes a long time to earn a person’s trust, but it will only take one lie to break it.

4. Set an endgame

The yearning and struggle will become pointless if the end of your separation is unclear. The distance can make hearts grow fonder, but eventually, it can be stressful and less-satisfying. It would be best if both parties understand that the long-distance portion is temporary. You should agree on a timeline and make sure that you both have the patience to wait that long.

Statistics show that some of the happiest couples have been apart from each other at one point. If both of you will stay true to your commitment to make your LDR work, you might be a part of those statistics.

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