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What Truly Makes An Advertisement Effective

What Truly Makes An Advertisement Effective

Have you ever experience watching a YouTube video, being really engrossed with the content and really paying close attention never to miss a single detail, then suddenly it stops because an ad suddenly popped up? Yes, almost everyone who has watched a single YouTube video has experienced that in their lives.

The ads happen to appear more often now than ever, but the great thing is some people do not seem to mind, seeing that that is how they could support the YouTuber’s content. But what if you are in the middle of following a James Charles make-up tutorial, or in the middle of a really intense climactic moment in one of Shane Dawson’s vlogs, or even following Rosanna Pansino’s baking tutorial?

Those are seriously the times where ads become genuinely annoying. Except, when it is an advertisement that is effective. But what really makes an ad effective? Have you ever wondered how an advertising company here in Melbourne produce brilliant ads that capture your interest?

Here are some ways to help create an effective ad.

Make your ad interesting from start to finish

When creating video ads, there is a single most crucial thing that it should possess: and that is to make it interesting from start to finish. You only have limited amount of time before the person could skip it. So make sure that the beginning of the video alone, will impress and catch the attention of your viewer.

Avoid dull build-ups since you wouldn’t have enough time to really showcase the purpose of the ad. This is unless the suspenseful buildup calls for it and it is something that is thrilling enough to make your viewer watch it till the end!

Be truthful with your audience

Nothing in this world is more beautiful than honesty. For instance, a friend could always somehow tell when you are being genuine to them or not. If they detected that you are trying to one-up them in a nasty way, then that’s usually where the trust and friendship crumbles.

Treat your audience like your friends. If you truly value this friendship, then you would always show how genuine you are with them. You could do this by incorporating meaningful messages – one that would truly resonate with your audience. An advantage to this is that it works despite how small or big your audience is.

Make your ad memorable

New York at night

With today’s technology and extreme dependence on the internet, literally anything could become famous or trendy – and you could use that to your advantage. Whether it’s something cool, beautiful, funny, or even enjoyably stupid, it doesn’t matter for as long your ad has something (extraordinary) to remember it by.

Nowadays, people enjoy basically anything that catches them off guard. Or something silly. So long as that process fits in the brand you’re going for, then don’t be afraid to experiment!

Connect with your audience

Establishing a relationship with your audience is an utmost priority when creating an ad. But how exactly do you do that? You can address the audience collectively as “YOU.” Use active language, as it shows being more direct with your goal and could further encourage deeper engagement.

Make sure that the instructions, benefits, or whatever messages you choose to convey are clear, concise, and direct to the point.

The success of making an effective ad is not only seen in the spike of the number of sales or the number of times that it has been tweeted about – although it is a huge deal, it’s not really everything – but it is when you have properly touched the hearts of many and inspired them to live by what you strongly stand for!

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