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Post-pandemic Travel Plans: Where to Go and What to Do

Post-pandemic Travel Plans: Where to Go and What to Do

Now that vaccines have been rolled out across the United States, many tourist attractions are opening again. The opening is good for our economy, and those who love traveling can go back to their biggest passion: Seeing the world. As long as we take every safety precaution suggested by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there’s no reason why we can’t go back to exploring new places.

If you are vaccinated and ready to go on your next trip, here are some post-pandemic travel ideas and experiences you can add to your bucket list.

Choose unconventional travel activities

If you are tired of the typical activities like staying in a hotel or going on a cruise, why not go for activities that most travelers won’t think of at first? Here are some ideas you can look into:

  • Experiencing thrill and horror in the safest way possible—by going to a haunted house designed for entertainment. You will still get the multidimensional experience of watching a horror film or being in a scary story, but you will still be ultimately safe since you know it’s all just illusion; they are actors wearing costumes and makeup, and talented visual and design artists creating a spooky space for audience’s enjoyment.
  • If you are into the cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle, consider going to a farm to recreate your favorite scene from Little House on the Prairie. More than a fashion trend, cottagecore is all about leaving behind the stresses brought about by technology and modern life. It’s about focusing on the simple and natural things in life. This can be growing our own produce, spending time in nature, and building connections with animals. There are plenty of farms in the U.S. that accept guests, so find ones that fit your budget, and that will allow you to take as many photos as you want.
  • Go to an amusement park or a theme park like a waterslide. Just make sure to keep your distance from others as much as possible.

Call it a “revenge tour”

“Revenge travel” is a term that’s making the rounds in the tourism industry as well as travel enthusiasts across the country. The idea is for all of us to take back everything that the pandemic has stolen from us, including our mobility and freedom to go anywhere anytime we want. We can do this through the following:

  • Taking advantage of the promos and discounts that luxury hotels and restaurants provide, especially businesses that could survive the worst of the public health crisis.
  • Getting together with extended family members who have also been vaccinated.
  • Hiring travel agents instead of making their own bookings online. The idea is that these agents have more insider knowledge about the safest and healthiest way to travel and how to save as much money as possible through inclusive travel packages. Going to a travel agency is also easier if tourists suddenly have to cancel their plans.

Go on a long road trip

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There is nothing more reminiscent of our pre-pandemic life than going on a cross-country road trip and seeing all the major attractions and sights across the U.S. and even Canada. Here are some tips for planning the cross-country road trip of your life:

  • Plan, plan, plan. Make sure you know exactly where and when you will be stopping, what sights are an absolute must-see, and what you don’t mind skipping.
  • Download a podcast series or audiobook that you’ve always wanted to listen to, and create the ultimate road trip playlist to keep you occupied while driving.
  • Permit yourself to indulge in all the delicious foods every state is known for. You can even consider making food the centerpiece of the entire trip.
  • If you are traveling alone, make sure to bring your own first-aid kit and that you have all the emergency contacts you can need for every possible circumstance that might arise.
  • Book the motels where you will be sleeping in advance, and make sure that you choose ones that are known or adhering to the CDC’s guidelines on hotel safety.

At the end of the day, however, we need to keep our eyes peeled on what health experts are saying about the state of the pandemic. We also need to note how we can travel as safely and healthily as possible. Stay up-to-the-minute on new guidelines and the number of cases in the place you want to visit. Make sure to take every safety measure that experts suggest at any given moment.

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