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Why Rest and Recuperate in Door County

Why Rest and Recuperate in Door County

The perfect vacation does not have to be a luxurious one. Sure, it would be nice if you can travel to a different country or treat yourself to a 5-star dinner. But when you don’t have the time or resources to do so, you can stick to what the world has to offer.

What you need is to be immersed in the marvels of nature, to have a sight to behold. Sometimes, all you need is a weekend away from your daily routine to recharge fully. To find the perfect hideaway, you need peace and quiet, especially if your weekdays are spent in a bustling city.

Visiting a peninsula is similar to being in two places at once. You’ll have the calming beauty of the ocean and the great wonders of nature. It is the reason why visitors flock to Door County for the perfect weekend.

Here’s a list of reasons why Door County is the best place to rest and recuperate:

1. You can stay in a comfortable bed and breakfast.

How can you feel at home in a foreign place? Stay in bed and breakfast instead of a hotel!

Door County’s B and B exudes warmth and coziness that hotels can’t seem to have. Although hotels are great when it comes to hospitality, you can’t help but feel the rehearsed service from its staff.  Bed and breakfast are similar to staying in your own home minus the chores. You’ll experience the same luxurious service of a hotel without the cold, generic feeling.

2. You can spend your day traversing to a total of eight vineyards.

Door County offers a day tour to its eight wineries. The tour will let you see the artistry behind winemaking. It is an excellent way to keep your mind off your work simply by having a relaxing walk along the vineyard.

You can choose to have a taste test in every winery. Compare each concoction and see which bottle would win as your favorite among the rest.


3. You can bring home the freshest jam when you visit an orchard.

Agriculture has been a part of Door County’s economy since the 1800s. You can grab a bottle or five of the freshest jams around Door County and bring them straight from the family orchard to your table. From cherries to apples, you can witness how the fruits are harvested and turned into your favorite breakfast staple.

Some farms even allow guests to go cherry-picking. Experiencing it firsthand is an exciting way to have a glimpse of how a farm works.

4. You can visit the maritime museum.

On top of the water activities you can participate in, you can learn more about shipbuilders, ship captains, and lighthouse keepers when you visit the Shipwrecks of Door County exhibit. The name might sound unwelcoming, but rest assured that seeing restored ships can bring the wonder back in you.

The poet, Mary Oliver, once written that to live a life, you have to pay attention and be astonished. Often, the stress you go through is brought not only by other people’s expectations of you but also the expectations you place upon yourself. When you are engrossed in the world, you can come to come to terms with where you stand in the universe— a small yet significant speck. This way, you’ll learn not to take yourself too seriously. You’ll remember to have fun.

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