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Why You Should Invest Your Time in Podcasts

Why You Should Invest Your Time in Podcasts

Home is where individuals can stay focused and productive. It’s the best place to relax because they’re not mandated to work unless following a home-based work policy. Nevertheless, individuals still have the freedom to do and spend their time as they please while at home. Some catch up on their reading materials or favorite television series, while others just spend the day with the family.

However, it all hits differently in this time of a pandemic since it’s no longer a choice to stay at home. As priorities change and schedules are adjusted, many find it challenging to keep themselves entertained with their interests and updated with the latest news.

Podcasts can be a remedy to this challenge. They are audio stories of any kind of any category — latest news, Greek mythology, funny stories about gap year jobs, and even relationship advice. Incorporating podcasts to one’s daily routine may be the solution to restoring balance in the household, and here’s why.

Brain exercise

One benefit of listening to podcasts is brain engagement. Since podcasts don’t require visual content, human brains exert more effort to process information and, at the same time, picture a mental image of the audio input. Therefore, listening to podcasts is not a passive activity. The brain continues to absorb information, processing the language and sound effects one hears. Sometimes, it’s even more active due to the extra effort in imagining the scene compared to visual media.

But brains can also be exhausted if it’s too energized. Professor Michael Grabowski of Manhattan College reminds us that “we need to be able to let the mind wander without consuming to be able to absorb data and turn it into information.” Resting should be as substantial as working.

Personal growth


Everyone is always looking for ways to be informed, and podcasts are an excellent medium for enriching one’s knowledge, especially if one doesn’t have the luxury to read. According to a study by Professor Emma Rodero of Pompeu Fabra University, results show “how audio productions retain people’s attention” as they stimulate the imagination.

Podcasts offer a wide range of engaging educational discussions on international politics, classical art, health and fitness, and other topics under the sun. As individuals continue to learn something new, their brains can create more neural networks that sustain knowledge and information.

Free and easy

Despite being popular in the market these days, most podcasts are free with advertisement support. The content is also of good quality, which makes it more appealing, especially to first-time listeners. Aside from this, podcasts are easy to use and are accessible in various radio platforms anytime. After sorting categories, individuals can immediately start listening. They can even multitask while listening. Listening to podcasts is not only a productive use of time but a positive one as well.

When individuals are too caught up with their busy lives, podcasts ensure that they don’t miss out on important news or stories. Podcasts can be an integral part of one’s daily life as they make the impossible possible. Now is the perfect time to invest in podcasts.

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