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Women and Their Accessories: A Closer Look

Women and Their Accessories: A Closer Look

A woman’s taste evolves as she goes through the different phases of her life. And the page is often turned by significant life events, milestones reached, and personal celebrations that substantiate life achievements.

We asked a handful of successful women about their favorite investment pieces, and here’s what we got.


Rings came out as the most popular accessory of choice for women who appreciate upscale jewelry. For some, it’s an heirloom ring; for others, it’s their engagement and wedding rings. The definition of an upscale engagement ring has also changed.

Nowadays, there are what are known as high-end jewelry designers who offer customization services, other than the traditional out-of-the-box pieces. There is a higher appreciation for customized jewelry today, especially when it comes to wedding rings.

Women who wear a customized piece on their finger say it reflects their authentic style and personality, making the ring even more special to them. Antique lovers find customized antique wedding rings especially meaningful because of the amount of work involved that makes it of high value.

A Classic Handbag

Anything that can go from day to night is a handbag worth investing in. Women who understand the value of a sturdy, beautiful bag know that the perfect combination of form and function doesn’t come cheap. A high level of craftsmanship and top quality materials go into producing these handbags.

They serve more than just its utilitarian purpose — they’re also an accessory that can elevate any outfit, and become a trademark style of the wearer. Neutral colors are still the primary choices when it comes to investing in a nice leather piece.

Others aren’t afraid of a little pop of color and go for muted bright shades to brighten up their outfits without going overboard.

A Nice Pair of Shoes

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This may very well be a woman’s signature in clothing. The shoes a woman wears depends on her mood. But there are classic styles that can be worn any day, for practically any occasion, it’s the easiest pair to wear for them.

Aside from investing in a comfortable pair of heels, these women also know it is equally important to have a couple of flats that look as elegant and sophisticated as their go-to high-heeled pair.

A Versatile, Well-Fitting Dress

It doesn’t always have to be black, but having a little black dress in your wardrobe is an investment staple. So pick one that has the perfect fit and one that can be dressed up, dressed down, or worn as is. This is the ideal clothing staple as all it needs is a play on accessories to give it a fresh look.

These women also invest in luxurious jewel-toned dresses, as well as a deep navy blue dress as a substitute for black. It doesn’t have to be a lot; it just has to be a versatile piece that you can use for pretty much any occasion.

Make sure it is one that can go from day to night with a few changes in accessories or some layering work.

A Timepiece

And last but not least, a timepiece. Women who invest in a nice timepiece say that it’s something that they can hand over to the next generation. And the more complicated a watch is, the more expensive it is. However, choosing a watch with the right amount of complications is the best investment piece.

It will prove to be easier to maintain and will most likely retain or increase its value over time.

Purchasing accessories that are both stylish and purposeful isn’t just a regular shopping spree; it’s investing in things that have value and meaning. It is a wonderful way to mark a milestone, a significant life event, as well as substantial personal accomplishments.

It’s not just buying something for yourself; it’s rewarding yourself with something that is of great worth and high quality. It is nothing short of what you truly deserve.

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