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5 Ingenious and Unique Gift Ideas for your Friends and Family

5 Ingenious and Unique Gift Ideas for your Friends and Family

Every year, we celebrate special occasions with your friends, and family with special gifts for them. But it is becoming tiring to give them the same gift every single time. We wanted to make them feel special and to let them know how thankful we are that they are in their lives. So, how do you make them feel that they’re close to our heart without breaking the bank? It’s the thought counts.

When shopping for a gift for our loved ones, always consider what they love and what their hobbies are. Instead of focusing on what they need, maybe you can consider giving them a gift that they collect – be it stamps or refrigerator magnets or books.

Get hold of these top five ingenious and unique gift ideas for your friends and family perfect for all occasions.

Fireman Gifts

You might think it’s weird or you may wonder who on earth would want fireman gifts, but have you considered giving this to kids who love to be a fireman someday? Or maybe you can give it a friend who’s husband, or dad is a fireman. Fireman gifts are great gift ideas because it is unique, and it appeals to the heart of those who know someone working as a fireman.

Gift of Charity

Everyone knows someone who’s having a hard time choosing a gift for their friend or significant other because it seems like they already have everything. You might felt challenged to give someone a gift when they are well off. Chances are, you feel like they might judge you if you gave them a sub-par gift during their birthdays.

Case in point, your boss. You want to impress him or her, but you don’t want to look like you’re getting him on your good side by buying him an extravagant gift. If this is the case, consider giving a gift for his charity. Most of the time, these people have a charity close to their hearts. So next time, ask him their choice of charity and give them a donation under his name.

Handmade and Customized Gift

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Whether it is a simple birthday card or a penholder, nothing spells out as special as a handmade and customized gift. A handmade gift makes the person feel that you took the time to work on something special that they can treasure for a very long time.

If you want some inspiration browse online and look for tutorials on how to make a special gift for your friend. You might also want to look into explosion boxes, pop-up cards, and paper mache jewelry boxes.

Gift of Music

If you love music or if you can play an instrument, why not record a CD or tape of music that you know they will love. You can play them their favorite music or sing their favorite song. No matter what you choose, they surely would love it.

They can play it when they’re feeling down or when they want to get some much-need relaxation while drinking their favorite pinot grigio. Give them the gift of music and watch their eyes lit up when they listen to it.

No matter what you want to give to your family or friends, it’s always the thought counts. Look for a gift that speaks volumes about their personality and passion. Make their gift uniquely “them” so they feel that you took the time to find the perfect gift for their personality.

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