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Choosing the Right Haircut For Your Personality (For Men)

Choosing the Right Haircut For Your Personality (For Men)

Like many women, men are also interested in the latest trends in fashion, such as the hottest haircuts and styles. With the concept of “toxic masculinity” being poured down the drain, many men are starting to recognize the importance of grooming and why they shouldn’t be ashamed of it. They’re no longer afraid to post selfies to show off their rocking hairstyles and outfits.

If you’re not very updated with the latest trends in men’s hairstyles, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed on your next barbershop appointment. Of course, you shouldn’t be pressured to sport a trendy haircut if it just isn’t your cup your tea, but if you want to explore your adventurous side, trying on a haircut you’ve never sported before can be a good start. Barbershops that specialize in men’s haircuts in Orem and other cities have experienced barbers who can flawlessly achieve your desired look.

But how do you pick the right hairstyle? Should you make some considerations before picking one? Let’s find out through this guide.

Your Haircut Says Something About Your Personality

If you base your first impressions of women on their hairstyle, then they do the same to you. Not just women, but people of all sexual orientation can judge your character based on your hairstyle. A person’s hairstyle says something about their personality. If you sport a buzz cut, you appear practical and low-maintenance. It indicates your simple style and your preference to get ready quickly because you don’t have to style your hair in front of a mirror.

If you’re unafraid to show off your facial hair and only have it trimmed instead of shaved off, it implies your confidence in your manliness. On the other hand, if you’re bald and unashamed, typically because of genes, it shows that you embrace this part of yourself wholly.

Bolder styles like the man bun and the pompadour are two very trendy hairstyles. The man bun is on the simpler, more low-key side, which can just obviously state that you haven’t had a haircut in a while, and got attached to your lengthy locks. The pompadour, meanwhile, doesn’t have the best reputation because to some, you may appear a bit too full of yourself. However, it can also signify your attention to detail and preference to do things right the first time.


How to Choose the Right Haircut

Using the latest trends as your sole guide to picking a haircut may not be wisest, especially if you’re anticipating an important event in your life, such as a job interview. An unkempt or bold hairstyle may not be preferred in some corporate settings, so even if it’s trendy, it isn’t likely the best pick.

Men with short but statement hairstyles like the pompadour, faux hawk, and fringe are viewed as confident and handsome, but also possibly egotistical. Longer hairstyles can give you a friendlier vibe, but the catch is, you can also be perceived as less intelligent. Your safest bet would be medium-length styles with a side part. Men with this hairstyle are commonly deemed clever and well-qualified.

But since not everyone works in a corporate setting, here’s a simple chart on suitable haircuts per work environment:

  • Corporate – side part, moderate fade, comb over
  • Athletic – buzz cut, crew cut, faux hawk, top knot
  • Rugged – side part, a pompadour, man bun, fade or undercut featuring a fringe
  • Limelight – undercut, a pompadour, man bun, faux hawk, fringe

Talk to your barber before choosing a haircut because their expert advice may be essential. Sometimes, what you want may not be the best style for you and only your barber can explain why and recommend better styles. Don’t hesitate to entrust your hair to the pros and you’d walk out of that barbershop looking like a new and better man.

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