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5 Ways to Stop Pest Growth at Home

5 Ways to Stop Pest Growth at Home

No homeowner ever wants to see a pest develop and grow in their house. This is why you should act on pest growth immediately. If pest growth is something that you are worried about, these five tips will help you drive them off.

Clean the gutters

The last thing any homeowner wants for the property that they live in is for it to be a residence for pests. However, this will become an unfortunate reality for you if you do not take it seriously. If you see the slightest clue that pests have started infesting your home, you should act right away.

To help stop the growth and development of pests inside and near your home, you may want to have a gutter cleaning service in Ogden visit your property.

Always clean your home

One of the easiest things you can do so that your home will not be a breeding ground for different kinds of pests is to make sure that it is clean. Cleaning the house can eliminate pests like rats, cockroaches and other bugs that may cause your home to degrade eventually.

You should also try to limit eating in the dining area so that you will not leave food particles all over the place. To make sure that the house is clean, you should do a cleaning session every week.

Put coffee grounds in areas with bugs

You probably do not know this, but the coffee grounds that you usually only ignore can actually help you get rid of pests in your property. Unlike you, these bugs actually hate the smell of coffee, so you do not have to feel guilty about reusing something that you already utilized.

Put some of your dried coffee grounds in small bowls and then place them in the areas where bugs come out. They are especially effective in keeping out bees, mosquitoes and wasps.

Spray hot pepper mixture in your garden

Another place in your house that runs the risk of getting a lot of pests in the garden. One thing that you can use to make sure that you will not have pests in the garden is by making a hot pepper mixture. Get a gallon of water and three tablespoons of pepper flakes and cook them in a saucepan for 15 minutes.

If you do not have pepper flakes with you, you can also chop up ten peppers and do the same thing.

Do not leave food lying around

food crumbs

Food attracts a lot of pests, so leaving them around can result in the growth of pests in your home. As much as possible, you should put the unfinished food in the refrigerator so that the pests will not have access to them.

You should also have a separate trash container for your food so that the paper and plastic trash will not be contaminated. If you can keep the food waste bin outside, it would be best too.

Cleaning the gutters and spraying pepper mixtures in your garden can help you stop pest growth. You will be able to ensure your home will be much cleaner too.

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