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Maintenance of Basic Welding PPE

Maintenance of Basic Welding PPE

Safety is the main reason why welders should use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Welding is also a dangerous job. They use extreme heat and pressure to join two materials, which can either be metals or thermoplastics. There can be the presence of danger and hazard such as fumes while welding and a powered air-purifying respirator can help protect you. The question right now is how can you take care of your PPE, so they can function in the best way they can.   Here are some ways to store and care for your welding protective equipment:

Welding Helmet

Always remove any dirt present in the lens after use. There can be particles of metal, which can affect your sight. You can buy a lens solution or simply wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth or tissue. Lenses with protective films should be wiped with softer material so that you will not scrape it off. Be sure to check for any dents in your welding helmet and see if some parts are no longer working. Have them replaced or repaired if necessary. The same care goes with your goggles and face shield.

Protective Gear for Breathing

They help you breathe easily, especially if you are welding in a place with poor ventilation. Check the strap if they are still fitting properly when you wear them. Everyday use can wear it out. The valves should be free from any dirt. Make sure there are no other holes or missing parts in the breathing protective gear. Do not forget to check the expiration date of your air filters.

You can use warm water and a bit of detergent to clean it, but never use any kind of solvent. Inspect any part that is missing, broken, or requiring a replacement. Use a disinfectant before storing it in a safe container or box.

Fire-Resistant Clothing

While welding, there’s always some sparks and these can cause a fire if they come into contact with a flammable material. These sparks can leave some stains or dirt on your clothing or apron. Bleach and chlorinated products should not be used, as they may cause a reaction to the material of your fire-resistant clothing. After washing them, you can dry them naturally. Do not dry them for a longer period and do not use any type of starch to straighten wrinkles.

Starch is combustible and if a spark comes into contact, it may cause a fire. An easy option would be to get them dry cleaned at a professional laundry shop. Checking for any hole is necessary, so you can avoid getting any burns on your skin.

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Earmuffs and Earplugs

They help you protect yourself from noise and any sound that can be irritating. Using soft soap and warm water is important when cleaning your earmuffs or earplugs. You can also disinfect them after every use to avoid any ear infections. Remember to dispose of earplugs meant for single-use.

Gloves and Safety Shoes

The use of gloves with proper insulation is important. You can clean them with soapy water and disinfectant. Make sure they are dry when you use them and the gloves should have no holes or any puncture. You can keep your safety shoes clean by wiping it with water and brushing off any dirt. A buffing liquid can also be used, so the leather can be protected.

You can also read the manual included with your PPE. They would always provide the best ways to keep the gear in the best working condition. Always check if it is time for a replacement because it is better to take caution than to experience an injury or any type of accident.

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