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Branded Giveaways and Other Promotional Products Still Have an Impact

Branded Giveaways and Other Promotional Products Still Have an Impact

Although online marketing may seem the only viable way of promoting your business in today’s digital world, promotional products are still a great way of getting the word out. Branded giveaways and other promotional goods have always been simple gifts, promoting one’s products and services significantly by giving consumers a glimpse of what they can offer.

In fact, according to research, most people keep promotional items with them for an average of eight months, meaning your advertisement stays with each consumer longer than modern PPC ads or pop-ups do. Additionally, brand ambassadors that receive promotional goods are likely to pass them along to others, spreading the word about your products or services more, making it a great marketing strategy overall.

Although there are inherent risks that come with free giveaways, the benefits are worthwhile. Here are a couple of ways it can help your business.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Giveaways are just like other marketing techniques — it’s a way of generating more exposure for your products and services, meaning it costs money. Whether they are trinkets made by trusted brands such as Insta Graphic Systems or giant billboards on the freeway, you’ll need to be willing to spend to spread awareness. With that in mind, giveaways are generally a cheaper way of advertising than conventional methods.

If your products are cheap to manufacture, and you have plenty of it lying around, you may as well use them to generate more attention and grab potential customers.

Give Away Information

Besides giving away goods, you’ll need to provide useful information as well. For instance, fishing gear retailers can provide lures alongside tutorial videos on bass fishing, or a beauty salon can provide shampoos and give out pamphlets on how to take care of hair properly. Giving consumers more details about your product can impress them with your expertise, leaving them intrigued and wanting to know more about what your company has to offer.

Demonstrates Specific Skills

Providing giveaways can help you remind your audience of the specifics of what you’re offering. For instance, if you’re in the foodservice industry, giving away free samples of your signature dish helps you remind people what you have to offer. Reminding consumers what specialty goods you have on hand can help you distinguish your brand from the competition in the most crucial areas. In essence, let your audience see what makes you different from the rest.

Attracts New Audiences


Giveaways are an excellent way to grab the attention and interests of specific demographics. If you think your goods should be more successful with consumers between the ages of 18 to 25, go to a local college campus in your area and generate interest there. But if you’re thinking broader, like a specific town or neighborhood, set up a pop-up shop in a high foot-traffic area in the place and start handing out products. Generally, giveaways are an excellent way of sharpening your focus on the targets that matter.

Starting Small and Gradually Grow

A great benefit of providing giveaways is the freedom to personalize the size and scope. If you can only offer around 100 shirts, air fresheners, or whatever you’re selling, then you have the freedom to choose a target and stick to it—saving you money while bringing the word out efficiently. Additionally, you can use this limited campaign strategy as a chance to gauge the success of your initiative and consider ramping up over time.

Although giving away merchandise may seem like a waste of money, the reality is it can help your business grow in the long run — and the benefits mentioned are just some of the many advantages they provide. So, for your next marketing strategy, give back and reap the fruits of your labor over time.

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