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Common Insecurities Women Have

Common Insecurities Women Have

Women face some insecurities that are different from those men face. They are challenged almost daily by expectations of society and those close to them. What are these insecurities that women have? How can they cope with these insecurities?


Society holds a high standard when it comes to beauty. If it isn’t about the skin, then it’s about the body shape or the hair. Even a reputable hair loss specialist for women in New York knows of such agonies of women. Providing a solution to this dilemma gives some women a piece of their confidence back.

But do women have to be captive to every dictate of how a woman should look like? Physical beauty is different for every woman. One of the most foolproof ways to be beautiful is by having healthy habits. A balanced diet is rich in natural supplements for glowing skin and lustrous hair. A good night’s sleep and proper exercise help you attain the proper weight. Cutting free from vices is also a beauty trick that is inexpensive yet effective. The glossy magazine version of beauty is overrated. Stick with the natural one.


There is a wide gap in the concept of age between a man and a woman. For men, they become more potent as they age. The contrary seems to be true for women. A woman becomes less “productive” as she ages. This may partly be due to her capacity to conceive. Also, age can do some changes in her looks, not to mention her desirability.

One can overcome this insecurity only through acceptance. Aging is a natural process. One can fill her life with worthwhile things that she can look back on as she advances in age. Aging gracefully is an art. Mastering it is something to be proud of.

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The rise of social media has made this insecurity more prominent. The hashtag OOTD makes a plain Jane’s wardrobe drabber than it looks. But in reality, one does not need many clothes unless they are a celebrity or are always in the limelight. Sometimes, it is true that having less is more.

Invest in some pieces that you can mix and match. Remember that what may look good on somebody may not look good on you. Certain colors and cuts fit particular skin tones and body types. Choose pieces that will flatter your body type and skin tone. Accommodating salespeople are more than willing to assist you in this area. Remember that comfort is more important than anything else.


A woman has gone a long way in terms of her place in the professional world. Still, when building a family gets in the picture, some have to make a big choice. This may put a toll on their confidence level. Wearing many hats can also leave women exhausted. The only way to overcome this particular insecurity is to celebrate what one has built. Also, a certain halt to a career climb does not mean the end. Getting back on it when opportunities are more favorable is a good idea to hold on to.

Insecurities can only take hold of you if you allow them. Play the role of an empowered woman who works through the ups and downs with ease and grace.

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