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The Most Common Reasons for Conflict Between Couples

The Most Common Reasons for Conflict Between Couples

There are communication problems in all relationships. And, so marriage, live-in, or any other sort of interpersonal relationships are no different. Two people from different walks of life deciding to stay together forever may not be uneventful. More often than not, you may have witnessed the nasty couple fights or may have experienced one yourself.

You may be compatible with your partner, but you both are to disagree on something at one point. Meeting every weekend or for a few hours does not expose all the qualities of a partner. Even if you two have known each other the longest, the possibility of conflicts arising is still there.

When two people start sharing their personal space, day in and out altercations arise. And, some amongst them are too common. Today, you will learn about the most common reahresons for a couple of arguments. And if you related to these issues, it’s time you sit with your partner and work them out.


In a relationship, couples fight over how to spend the money. You might fight over that beautiful dress you saw at the counter if you are a woman. And, your husband might disregard your emotions and say that it’s a waste of money. For men, you might like those all-new trendy shoes, but again your spouse feels that’s unnecessary spending.

Your partner may be a spender, while you may be not. Many couples have joint bank accounts with dual-authority. That can create huge problems in the future. So, the best way to stop fighting over money is to budget well. Discuss money matters before making any final decision. That way, you can stop arguing about money with your partner.

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This might come as shocking to you, but some couples go for sleep, divorce, or split up. The typical sleep issue is snoring, which you or your partner may be intolerant of. Some couples have problems with the temperature settings. While you like to sleep with just the blower on, your partner may want the cooler in full swing. Many times, couples have gone for separate beds or rooms to solve this issue. But that’s just not needed. The warring partners can invest in dual-zone heating and cooling systems. Now, both of you can sleep on the same bed, with a temperature setting under the comforter that you prefer.

Household Chores

There seems to be a lot of stress around house chores. The constant bickering on who owns which household responsibilities and duties are never ending. Stress levels increase when either of you is dissatisfied with the other’s contribution to home commitments. You have to understand that a partnership includes contributing equally in monetary and non-monetary aspects. If you are sharing the same space as your partner, you need to divide the chores equally.

Here is one solution that can solve your woes. Try allocating all the cushy jobs inside the house to your wife if you are a man reading this. And keep all the hardcore jobs, like plumbing, maintenance for yourself. Both of you will be happy this way. You can also set priorities if either of you is not around for some time. This is just the suggestion you may try another way around or try something different. Just ensure to divide the work equally, and your relationship will thrive.


Parents play a huge role in everybody’s lives. However, it is crucial to draw a few lines after you enter into a partnership, married or otherwise. While some parents know how to behave once their children are grown-up, some do not. You will find them showing dissatisfaction over the upkeep of the house, the food, the kitchen, the way children are being reared, and so on.

Mothers-in-law are the most feared in every household. If you are a woman reading this, do you know why? You have got her most prized possession. So, that is one of the strongest reasons, ‘jealousy,’ why you will be under scrutiny. You can still make amends and adjust. Try to talk to her, and make her your friend. You can also ask her for suggestions to make all your lives better. If you can make them realize that they are critical contributors, they will change their ways.


If you have kids, many of your arguments will be based on children. Either of you might want to bring up your children in your way. Your better half may or may not approve of it. They may have dreams that lie dormant. Your spouse might want to get that dream fulfilled through the child. At the same time, you may have different goals. Rational discussion is the only way out. Do what is good and what your children want.

These are a few reasons why couples bicker. There are a lot more. When you share personal space with someone, that’s bound to happen. So, be positive and lead a happy life.

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